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Clive Bunker 1991-93


CClive Bunkerlive Bunker was born in 12 December 1946. He took up drums with his friend Mick Abrahams in the group "McGregors Engine" in 1967. At the end of 1967 he joined the fledgling Jethro Tull. After the "Aqualung" album he left Tull, joining "Blodwyn Pig" in 1974 which Mick Abrahams had formed after he himself had left Tull in 1969.

Clive joined ErathBand in 1991 when the band re-formed and last toured with them in 1993. He also did some work on Soft Vengeance.

Today, Clive remains a much sought after session musician, with many credits to his name.

Earth Band albums he played on:

Soft Vengeance

A self portrait article of Clive can be found in Platform End Issue 1 - back Copies available