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Colin Pattenden (1971 - 1978) Colin Pattenden

Bass Guitar

Born in Farnborough, Kent, Colin was taught guitar initially but learned to play bass from tuition books, principally those by Carol Kaye, the American bassist whose technique has been the foundation of countless hit records.

Together with his cousin Graham White, Colin fomed a band called Roy & The Aztecs which later became Tekneek. It was not a stable band however, and through having worked on various sessions with drummer Chris Slade, Colin was introduced to Manfred and joined the Earth Band at its formation.

Colin left in 1978 to form the short lived group Terra Nova with Chris Slade. Colin has also toured with the Nashville Teens. He is currently working as a PR consultant.

To see some recent photo's of Colin with the Nashville Teens, visit their website.

Earth Band albums:

  • Manfred Mann's Earth Band
  • Glorified Magnified
  • Messin
  • Solar Fire
  • The Good Earth
  • Nightingales & Bombers
  • The Roaring Silence