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Mick Rogers (1971 - 1975 & 1983 - to date)

Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals

Mick comes from a musical background. His Dad was a drummer and his uncle a String Bass Player. The young Rogers was weaned on 50's Rock and Roll. His first work as a musician came during a summer season at a Holiday Camp. Later Mick joined the Australian hit band Normie Rowe and The Playboys. He then played with Procession who were produced by Mike Hugg in the UK. Back in Australia Procession made the first live album ever recorded there at a club called Sebastians.

Mick returned home to England to join Manfred's new band, recording six albums and one major hit single 'Joybringer'.
Mick left the band after the 'Nightingales and Bombers' Album in 1975. At first he returned to Australia to work and then returned to the UK, where he formed the band 'Aviator' with Clive Bunker amongst others. They produced two albums.

At the end of the 'Somewhere in Afrika' European Tour he rejoined Manfred to record new songs for the US version of the same album. One of these was 'Runner' which became a hit record in the States. Mick has never been far away from Earth Band, contributing to almost every Earth Band album over the years including 'Plains Music'.
In between his work with Manfred, Mick is a prolific song-writer. He has also produced for other artists and played in various bands including Joan Armatrading's last sell out world tour. Mick has also worked with the Hotrods. There are rumours of a solo single release in Europe later with an album to follow.

An Interview with Mick appears in Platform End Issue 3 and Issue 4