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Pat King (1977 - 1982)


Pat King (1977) Born in Fraserburgh near Aberdeen, Pat learnt to play bass at school and went on to tour German clubs as a member of the McKinley Sisters. Pat King

Due to the inactivity of Aberdeen's music scene he moved to London and played in several bands including the backing groups for Lulu and Cat Stevens. Pat took up session work before joining Shanghai who extensively toured Britain and supported such major bands as Status Quo. Following a call from Earth Band's manager Harry Maloney, he joined the band prior to the recording of Watch. Pat's hobby of photography saw many of his photo's of the band featuring on Album covers and in tour programmes. Pat left the band in 1982 but is still associated with them and since 1991 has been the road manager for the band and can be seen in his trademark dungarees to this day!

Pat is of course a great photogtrapher and has taken many brilliant pictures of the band over the years, a great many of these he has donated to the fan club over the years, he's also a great supporter of the fan club. Some of Pat's photo's appear on this site.

Earth Band albums:

  • Watch
  • Angel Station
  • Chance

Pat King (Duren 1999)