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Steve Waller - The Demolition ManSteve Waller (1979 - 1983)

Guitar and Vocals

Steve Waller came from a musical background with all sides of his family being proficient musicians.

Apart from the first few chords shown to him, he was a self taught guitarist, BB King being a great inspiration. He worked his way steadily through folk, jazz, rock and soul to become a well known session guitarist and singer. Prior to joining Earth Band, he was with one of Britain's top funk bands - Gonzales. Before that, he had always run his own bands, the most popular being No Man's Band which featured many top name musicians.

Sadly Steve died in 2000, See Manfred's Stories - The One About Steve and Memories of Steve Waller 88-91.

Earth Band albums:

  • Angel Station
  • Chance
  • Somewhere In Africa
  • Live In Budapest

Links: Steve Waller (Knights in Blue Denim site)

Steve Waller 

Steve Waller 

Steve Waller