Manfred Mann's Earth Band - On The Road
These pages are intended to provide a comprehensive 'history' of MMEB on the road. Considering the hectic tour schedule the band maintain, and the hundreds of gigs the band have played over the years, this could be rather a large section of the website!
If you have any dates for gigs in previous years, please send them in and I'll add them to the list.
Thanks to Karin & Thomas Sonntag for the idea and supplying details of gigs and reviews. Also Andy Lowell for providing his comprehensive list of past gigs going back to the 70's.

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Earth Band gigs since April 22 1971: (as at 29 March 2024)


Manfred Mann Chapter III                  Country/Town            Venue

Date                       Town/ Country              Venue


22 March               London, England          ICA (as Emanon)


26 April                  London, England          ICA (as Emanon)


13 May                  London, England           Marquee (as Emanon)


01 June                 Dunfermline, Scotland Kinema Ballroom as Emanon featuring The Breed

16 October            Newcastle, England     Mayfair Ballroom, a student charity gig.
7 November          London, England          Goldsmiths College, with Atomic Rooster, Marsupilami and The Fire
9 November          Hampstead, England   Hampstead Country Club (London) with High Tide
14 November       London, England          107 Charing Cross Road CDT, with John Martyn and Bulldog Breed
15 November       Birmingham, England  Swan Hotel, Yardley
19 November       Bath, England                Bath University, Assembly Rooms Bath.
21 November       Southampton, England Southampton University
23 November       London, England           Roundhouse, Chalk Farm with Taste, Slade, White Trash, Principa Edwards Magic Theatre, Roy

                                                                        Harper and Julian's Treatment
28 November       London, England           London Institute of Education with Black Widow
30 November       London, England           Roundhouse, Chalk Farm with Deep Purple, The Brian Auger Trinity, Atomic Rooster, Yes, Free and Village
1 December         Dunstable, England       Civic Hall
5 December         Blackburn, England       Golden Palms
6 December         Sutton Coldfield, England Belfry
11 December       London, England            Waltham Forest Tech College, with East of Eden and Keef Hartley
12 December       London, England            City Polytechnic, with Aadverk

Manfred Mann Chapter 3 Press Advert
Manfred Mann Chapter 3 Press Advert


Date                       Town/ Country                Venue
16 January            London, England            Royal Festival Hall- with Julie Driscoll & Keith Tippett, Nucleus
24 January            London, England            Chelsea College of Science
31 January            London, England            London School of Economics
7 February            Salisbury, England         Alex Disco
9 February            France                              Tout En Scene TV show, One Way Glass and Snakeskin Garter performed
20 February          Aberdeen, Scotland       University
21 February          Aviemore, Scotland       Osprey Room
22 February          Edinburgh, Scotland      Usher Hall
23 February          Dundee, Scotland          Palais
24 February          Glasgow, Scotland        City Hall
6 March                Hatfield, England            Polytechnic
8 March                Croydon, England           Fairfield Hall
13 March              Oxford, England             Lincoln College Ball, support by Van Der Graaf Generator
15 March              Newcastle, England       City Hall
23 March              London, England            Roundhouse
2 April                   San Francisco, CA, USA The Fillmore (Jethro Tull, Manfred Mann, Chapter Three, Bessie Jones, Georgia Island
                                                                          Singers, Clouds)
3 April                   San Francisco, CA, USA  Fillmore West with Jethro Tull
4 April                   San Francisco, CA, USA  Fillmore West with Jethro Tull
5 April                   San Francisco, CA, USA  Fillmore West with Jethro Tull
30 April                 New York, NY, USA          Ungano's
1 May                   New York, NY, USA          Action House, Island Park
2 May                   New York, NY, USA          Action House, Island Park
3 May                   Dartmouth, MA, USA       Southeastern Massachusetts University, Woods of Dartmouth Festival
6 May                   New York, USA                 Filmore East with Jefferson Airplane
7 May                   New York, USA                 Filmore East with Jefferson Airplane
8 May                   Philadelphia, PA, USA      Electric Factory
9 May                   Philadelphia, PA, USA      Electric Factory
19 May                 Leicester, England           University, with Taste
30 May                 Potters Bar, England       Farx, with Patto
6 June                  Langelshein, Germany   BRD Beat Club
27 July                 Stockholm, Sweden         Pa Karen (400 capacity)
27 July                 Stockholm, Sweden         Skansen, Solliden (Opopoppa - recorded live for Swedish Radio)
29 July                 Stockholm, Sweden         Pa Karen
30 July                 Stockholm, Sweden         Pa Karen
31 July                 Stockholm, Sweden         Pa Karen
1 August             Kovland, Sweden              Anasparken (3,600 capacity)
7 August             Buxton, England                Pavillion Gardens (all night blues and music festival incl Mungo Jerry and Climax Blues Band)
14-16 August     Krumlin, England              The Yorkshire Folk, Blues and Jazz Festival (Cancelled due to weather)  MM ChIII due to play
                                                                          Sat 15 August.  Billed as the UK's answer to Woostock.  The Krumlin Festival has the         
                                                                          unfortunate reputation of being on the receiving end of the worst weather to ever hit a British
                                                                          rock festival, which more or less devastated the festival site, leaving only the stage standing by                                                                            Sunday morning .  See 
                                                                          for details.
5 September      Sheffield, England            Town Hall, with East of Eden
7 September      Manchester, England       Free Trade Hall, with East of Eden
8 September      Bagshot, England             Pantiles
10 September    Bristol, England               Colston Hall, with East of Eden
12 September    Birmingham, England     Town Hall, with East of Eden
13 September    Hemel Hempstead, England Pavilion, with East of Eden
15 September    Southampton, England   Guild Hall, with East of Eden
16 September    Brighton, England            The Dome, with East of Eden
20 September    Paris, France                    L'Olympia
22 September    Basel, Switzerland             
23 September    Zurich, Switzerland
24 September    Lausanne, Switzerland
25 September    Amsterdam, Holland       The Paradiso
26 September    Rotterdam, Holland
27 September    Den Haag, Holland
1 October            Antwerp, Belgium
2 October            Liege, Belgium
3 October            Brussels, Belgium
17 October          Stepney, London, England Queen Mary College
23 October          Newcastle, England            Mayfair Ballroom
24 October          Newark, England                 Festival of Contemporary Music, Showground (Lincoln Road), MM Ch III, Cherokee Smith
                                                                             (replaced Black Sabbath as headliner), Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon, Cochise,                                                                                           Hawkwind, Emery Chase, Medicine Hat, Golden Wheel Discotheque, Grathite, 
7 November        London, England                 Goldsmiths College with Atomic Rooster, Marsupilami and The Fire
9 November        London, England                 Hampstead Country Club with High Tide
23 November      London England                  BBC Sessions with Dave Lee Travis
3 December        Warrington, England           Carlton



In the Beginning.....
The first 'MMEB' concert was in April 1971 at the Piper Club in Rome. In May 1971 they played in five gigs in Australia - all of them together with Deep Purple. In August 1971 they had a television debut in Paris. All these gigs were played as Manfred Mann Chapter Three.
During October 1971 on the way back from a concert in Ireland, the name Earth Band was suggested by Chris Slade - until then the band´s name was still Chapter Three.
In October 1971 the BBC radio show" Sounds Of The 70`s " was their first radio show.

Date                    Town/ Country                   Venue
22 April              Rome, Italy                          Piper Club (appear as Manfred Mann, band spend 2 weeks in Rome).
29 April              Rome, Italy                          Piper Club (appear as Manfred Mann, with Crisalide)


Date                    Town/ Country                   Venue
6 May                 Perth, WA. Australia          Beatty Park Aquatic Centre, Billed as MMCHIII, support to Deep Purple and Free, with Chain

7 May                 Melbourne, Vic. Australia Billed as MMCHIII, with Deep Purple, Free, Spectrum and Pirana
8 May                 Adelaide, S.A. Australia    Apollo Stadium,
Billed as MMCHIII, with Deep Purple and Free and Fraternity
9 May                 Sydney, Australia               Randwick Racecourse (Open Air), Billed as MMCHIII>30,000 people. Deep Purple,    

                                                                      Free and Pirana              

9 May               Melbourne. Vic. Australia Festival Hall , Top billed as MMCHIII over Deep Purple, Spectrum, Pirana. Free did not

10 May              Flee Melbourne, Vic. Australia due to death threats against Manfred and tour manager Bob Foster

18 June             London,  England               Crystal Palace Bowl, billed as Manfred Mann, debut UK concert, with Desmond Dekker.
25 June             Swansea, Wales                 Top Rank, billed as Manfred Mann, with Humble Pie
3 July                Birmingham, England         Belfry, billed as Manfred Mann
5 July                Wolverhampton, England  Park Hall, billed as Manfred Mann
8 July                Fulham, England                 Fulham Greyhound, billed as Manfred Mann
9 July                High Wycombe, England   Town Hall, billed as Manfred Mann
11 July              London, England                 Roundhouse,billed as Manfred Mann with Close to the Edge, headliners Sha Na Na
24 July              Epping, England                  Epping Wake Arms, billed as Manfred Mann
8 August          Vilar de Mouros, Portugal
Festival (first pop/ open air rock festival in Portugal) with Elton John, Quartero 1111, Bridge, Psico, Pentagno, Sindicato, Objectivo, Celos, Contacto, Chinchilas, Pop Five, Amaila Rodrigues, Duo Ouro Negro, Banda da Guarda Nacional Republicana, Coral Polifonico de Viana do Castelo and dance group Verde Gaio

27 or 28 Aug  Zug, Switzerland.                 Open Air Festival

6 September   Palermo, Sicily
Palermo Pop Festuval - Second Sicilian International Folk Rock, Jazz Fest, Parco della Favorita, Palermo Italy.  Billed as Manfred Mann the band played the second of three nights, also with Bill Coleman, Tullio De Piscopo, Rosanna Fratello, Stephan Grapelli, Maya, Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Julie Driscoll, The Stars of Faith, Black Sabbath, Colosseium, Livin' Blues, Mungo Jerry, The Pretty Things, Toad and (Bill Wymans's) Tucky Buzzard

11 September Dublin, Ireland
Headland Festival, Royal Dublin Society, billed as Manfred Mann.  With Stud, Georgie Fame and Alan Price and many others.

The name change to Manfred Mann's Earth Band was discussed on the flight back home to London.  The name change was made effective December 1st 1971.

24 September  Crawley, England                 Crawley Polytechnic, billed as Manfred Mann
27 September  Sunderland, England           Sunderland Polytechnic, billed as Manfred Mann
30 September  Aberystwyth, Wales             Aberystwyth University, billed as Manfred Mann
2 October          Brighton, England                Brighton Polytechnic, billed as Manfred Mann
8 October          Exeter, England                    Exeter University, billed as Manfred Mann
12 October        London, England                  Marquee Club, billed as Manfred Mann
15 October        Salford, England                  Salford University, billed as Manfred Mann
16 October        Liverpool, England              Liverpool University, billed as Manfred Mann
17 October        Chalk Farm, England          Roundhouse, billed as Manfred Mann, with Jude, Paladin and others
14 November    London, England                 Bumpers, billed as Manfred Mann
26 November    Hull, England                       Malcolms, billed as Manfred Mann


All gigs from this point onwards billed as Manfred Mann's Earth Band unless otherwise noted

03 December   Exmouth, England               Rolle College

04 December   Watford, England                Kingdom Hall Hydrospace with Unicorn

05 December   London, England                 Roundhouse

07 December   London, England                 Marquee with Vinegar Joe

08 December   Cardiff, Wales                

09 December   London, England                Guy's Hospital

10 December   Egham, England                 Royal Holloway College

18 December   Halifax, England                 Clarence Club


Date                                Town/ Country                            Venue
24 January                    Edmonton, London, England      Cooks Ferry Inn
29 January                    Plymouth, England                       Van Dykes
04 February                  Braintree, England                        Horn Hotel
11 February                  Boscombe, England                     Royal Ballroom (replaced Status Quo at last minute as Rick Parfitt was injured, with

                                                                                               Paul Brett's Sage)
18 February                 Epsom, England                            Wurkshop (sic)
22 February                 London, England Wood               Green Nightingale
24 February                 Tolworth, England                        Toby Jug
25 February                 Leytonstone, England                  Chez Club
03 March                     Uxbridge, England                        Brunel University
04 March                     London, England                           Great Hall, Imperial College

?? March                     USA Brief US Tour announced in the 15 Jan 72 issue of Billboard but there is no further information.

25 March                    Plymouth, England                        Van Dykes
26March                     London, England Chalk Farm      Roundhouse, with East of Eden, Stackridge, Mick Greenwood, Jonnathan Kelly
27 March                    Edmonton, England                      Cooks Ferry Inn
23 April                        Belfast, N.Ireland                         Queen's University

14 May                        Sydney, Australia                         Hordern Pavillion

17 May                        Launceston, Australia                 Albert Hall (With The La De Das)
19 May                        Hobart, Australia  
20 May                        Melbourne, Australia                   Festival Hall (With Wendy Saddington)
21 May                        Sydney, Australia                         Hordern Pavillion (With Wendy Saddington, Black Feather and The La De Das). 
22 May                        Sydney Australia                          Roundhouse Theatre Univ of NSW.  Show recorded for ABC TV GTO Programme - see

                                                                                             Then & Now DVD


13 Jun                         Sydney Australia                           University of Sydney

23 Jun                         Adelaide, Australia                       University of Adelaide

26 Jun                         Adelaide, Australia                       Flinders University and Adelaide Town Hall 

29 Jun                         Perth, Australia                             University of W.A.

30 Jun                         Perth, Australia                             University of W.A.


01 July                         Perth, Australia                             University of W.A.

04 July                         Melbourne, Australia                    Dallas Brooks Hall

05 July                         Tasmania, Australia

06 July                         Tasmania, Australia

07 July                         Canberra, Australia

08 July                         Canberra, Australia                      Childers Street Hall

09 July                         Sydney, Australia                          Sydney Victoria Park

10 July                         Sydney, Australia                          Sydney University

11 July                         Sydney, Australia                          Sydney University

12 July                         Sydney, Australia                          University of NSW

13 July                         Brisbane, Australia       

14 July                         Townsville, Australia      

21July                          London, England                           Falcon
28 July                         Braintree, England                        Horn Hotel
26 August                    Dunstable, England                        Civic Hall, with Good Habit
27 August                    London, England                           Stratford Theatre Royal, with Gryphon
'Summer' 1972           Boscombe, England                      Unknown.  MMEB appeared as last minute replacements for Status Quo (due to a

                                                                                               Rick Parfitt injury).
23 September             Bristol, England                             Granary
29 September             Worthing, England                        Pavillion
30 September             Norwich, England                         Keswick Hall
03 October                  Swansea, Wales                             London University
06 October                  Brighton, England                          College of Education
07 October                  London, England                            Great Hall, Imperial College
12 October                  Gent, Belgium                                 Casino
19 October                  Oxford, England                              New Theatre
23 October                  London, England                             Charing Cross Sundown
24 October                  Croydon, England                           Top Rank
25 October                  Mile End, London, England           Mile End Sundown
26 October                  Edmonton, London, England        Edmonton Sundown
27 October                  Brixton, London, England              Brixton Sundown
04 November             Glasgow, Scotland                         Strathclyde University with East of Eden and Sunshine
17 November             Southsea, England                         South Parade Pier
29 November - 3 December West Hollywood, California, USA Whisky A Go Go
?? December              USA Other US Gigs
15 December             New York, NY, USA                       New York Academy of Music (Uriah Heep, Elf & Manfred Mann)
16 December             New York, NY, USAUSA               New York Academy of Music (Uriah Heep, Elf & Manfred Mann)
24 December             Miami, Florida, USA                      University of Miami "On December 24th 1972 a concert by Manfred Mann's Earth

                                                                                              Band is cut short by Miami police, sparking a two hour riot by students at the

                                                                                              University of Miami. Since residents complained about the group's volume, the

                                                                                              power to the P.A. is cut during the encore. As the battle rages, Mann and the band

                                                                                              hide in a dressing room."

30 December              Plymouth, England                       Guild Hall


Date                              Town/ Country                           Venue

13 January                   London, England                        City University - was reviewed in Melody Maker 1/20/73
03 February                 Dagenham, England                   Barking Precinct
28 March                     Hastings, England                      Pier (With Holy Mackerel)
06 April                        Crawley, England                        Crawley College

17 April                        Berlin, Germany                          Big Eden
22 April                        Dortmund, Germany                   The Great Easter Circus - Westfalen Halle. Line up consisted of ELP, Soft Machine,

                                                                                             Stone the Crows, Atomic Rooster, MMEB, Jackson Heights, Rare Bird, Stray Dog,


29 April                        Mannheim, Germany                  Eisstadion. One night festival, MMEB, Brian Auger;'s Oblivion Express, Greenslade,

                                                                                             UFO, Hawkwind, Soft Machine, Spirit

22 - 24 May                 Roslyn, NY, USA                          My Father's Place
27 May                         McKeesport, PA, USA                Zodiac
29 May/3 June           Cleveland, OH, USA                    Smiling Dog 
06 June                       Milwaukee, WI, USA                    Humpin' Hanna's
07 June                       St Paul, MN, USA                         Civic Centre

08 June                       Louisville, KY, USA                      University of Louisville, support to Savoy Brown & ZZ Top
09 June                       Detroit, MI, USA                           Masonic Auditorium
12 June                       Birmingham, AL, USA                 City Auditorium
13 June                       Mobile, AL, USA                           Auditorium
14 June                       Atlanta, GA, USA                          Richards'
16 June                       Rochester, NY, USA                     Fairgrounds

17 June                       Akron, OH, USA                            Draft House (with Status Quo)
19 June                       London, Ontario, Canada            Gardens
20 June                       Toronto, Ontario, Canada           Massey Hall (With Savoy Brown)
21 June                       Upper Darby, PA, USA                 Tower Theatre (updated following new information, replaced by Camden NJ gig)

21 June                       Camden, NJ, USA                        Arlo Theatre ( with Status Quo and Climax Blues Band)
22-23 June                 New York, USA                             The Academy of Music (Movie Theatre - later The Palladium) (With Savoy Brown,

                                                                                             Electric Light Orchestra and Status Quo) Note: 22nd was cancelled.

28 June                       Atlanta, GA, USA                          Richards'

29 June                       Atlanta, GA, USA                          Richards'

05 July                        Wellington, England    Town House
16 July                        One hour radio interview with Manfred by Lennart Wretlind, Swedish radio
17 July                        Stockholm, Sweden                    Skansen museum, Solliden stage, - Mercury The Winged Messenger; Get Your Rocks

                                                                                            Off and Buddah were recorded and broadcast live from this outdoor stage for the

                                                                                            'Opopoppa' radio program and a TV broadcast.  On 21 Oct 1973 Black and Blue,

                                                                                            Father of Day, Father of Night and Captain Bobby Stout were broadcast on radio as

                                                                                            an 'Opopoppa' special).

05 August                    London, England                        The London Music Festival Alexandra Palace London with Uriah Heep, The

                                                                                            Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The Gary Moore Band and The Heavy Metal Kids

18 August                    London, England                        Charing Cross Global Village
28 August                    Maidstone, England                  Corn Exchange
09 September             Scheessel, Germany                  Rock Festival - see poster for acts, MMEB played late afternoon on Sun 9th before

                                                                                            Lou Reed.
26 September             Bristol, England                           Tiffany's
27 September             Penzance, England                     Winter Gardens
28 September             Torquay, England                       Town Hall
29 September             Newquay, England                     Blue Lagoon (Cornwall)
04 October                  Gothenburg, Sweden                 Press Conference
5 October                    Vaxjo, Sweden                            Barbarellas
06 October                  Stockholm, Sweden                   Pa Karen (recorded for Swedish Radio "Tonkraft" produced by Christer Eklund)
12 October                  Karlstad, Sweden                       Hyttan, Folkets hus
13 October                  Stockholm, Sweden                   Domino
14 October                  Gothenburg, Sweden                 1789
25 October                  Cheltenham, England                Town Hall
26 October                  Wolverhampton, England          Lafayette
27 October                  London, England                        Great Hall, Imperial College
28 October                  Hemel Hempstead, England     Pavilion with Snafu
31 October                  Scarborough, England               Penthouse
01 November              York, England                             Penthouse
02 November              Newcastle, England                  Mayfair Ballroom with Sweet
03 November              Loughborough, England           Loughborough University (with Heavy Metal Kids)
06 November              Hanley, England                         Heavy Steam Machine
07 November              Bradford, England                     St George's Hall
09 November              Lancaster, England                   Lancaster University
10 November              London, England                       Roundhouse (Dagenham)
11 November              Chelmsford, England               Chancellor Hall
14 November              Bedford, England                      Corn Exchange with Heavy Metal Kids
15 November              Guildford, England                    Civic Hall
16 November              London, England                       Westfield College (Hampstead) with Ducks Deluxe
17 November              Leeds, England                         Town Hall
18 November              Liverpool, England                    St George's Hall with Back Door
20 November              London, England                       Golders Green Hippodrome (BBC In Concert) - NOT recorded at The Paris Theatre 

                                                                                           Running Order    1) Mercury  2) Buddah  3) Messin' 4)Father Of Day, Father Of

                                                                                           Night 5)Mighty Quinn    51:53 (plus announcements)

21 November              Wolverhampton, England        Polytechnic with Back Door
23 November              Leicester, England                    College of Education
24 November              Halifax, England                        Clarence's
?? November               Stevenage, England                 Mecca Ballroom
30 November              Brighton, England                     Sussex University
01 December              London, England                       City University
02 December              Croydon, England                      Fairfield Hall with Back Door
07 December              Canterbury, England                 Canterbury Tech College, cancelled due to illness
07 December              Croydon, England                     Croydon Tech College
08 December              Kingston upon Thames, England Polytechnic, cancelled due to illness
?? December               London, England                       Imperial College
18 December              London, England                       Marquee Club
21 December              Farnborough, England             Farnborough College of Technology
22 December              Cambridge, England                Corn Exchange
29 December              Hamburg, Germany                  Messenallen 'Christmas Meeting', played late evening between Vinegar Joe and
Festival Poster Tenningen Germany 28 Apr 1973
Festival Poster Tenningen Germany 28 Apr 1973


Date                              Town/ Country                           Venue

25 January                   El Paso, TX, USA                        Civic Centre with Urian Heep and Buddy Miles Express
26 January                   Albuquerque, NM, USA             Civic Auditorium
29 January                   Denver, CO, USA                        Coliseum
01 February                  Los Angeles, CA, USA              Palladium
02 February                  San Bernadino, CA, USA          Swing Auditorium
03 February                  Phoenix, AZ, USA                      Civic Plaza
07February                   Fresno, CA, USA                        Selland Arena with Uriah Heep
08 February                  San Diego, CA, USA                  Palace
09 February                  San Jose, CA, USA                    Expo Hall, Santa Clara Fairgrounds
10 February                  San Francisco, CA, USA           Winterland, support to Uriah Heep
09 March                      Aylesbury, England                    Friars club, support Wally
16 March                      Leicester, England                     Leicester Polytechnic
17 March                      Croydon, England                      Greyhound
22 March                      Salford, England                        Salford University with Nucleus
23 March                      London, England                       Roundhouse (Dagenham)
28 March                      Pontypridd, Wales                    Glamorgan Polytechnic
29 March                      London, England                       Central London Polytechnic with Snake Eye
30 March                      Hatfield, London                       Hatfield Polytechnic
06 April                         Cambridge, England                  Corn Exchange
07 April                         Hemel Hempstead, England    Pavilion with Dizzy
08 April                         De Kalb, IL, USA                         Northern Illinois University with Kiss and Savoy Brown

13 April                         Hannover, Germany                  With Camel & Steeleye Span

14 April                         Hamm, Germany                       With Camel & Steeleye Span
26 April                         Toronto, Canada                        With Kiss and Savoy Brown
04 May                          Atlanta, GA, USA                        Georgia Institute of Technology-Coliseum Blue Öyster Cult, Manfred Mann's Earth

                                                                                             Band, KISS, Hydra

09 May                         Upper Darby, PA, USA                Tower Theatre  Argent, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, KISS
10 May                         North Canton, OH, USA              Kent State University Stark County Branch with Blue Oyster Cult
12 May                         Montreal, Quebec, Canada        opened for Babe Ruth
13 May                         Ottowa, Ontario, Canada           Civic Center, opened for Babe Ruth
14 May                         Quebec City,  Canada                Hilton, opened for Babe Ruth
16 May                         Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada   Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall  Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, KISS.
17 May                         Edmonton, Alberta, Canada     Kinsmen Fieldhouse  Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, KISS
18 May                         Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Saskatchewan Arena  Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, KISS
19 May                         Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada    Lethbridge Exhibition Pavilion  Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, KISS
20 May                         Calgary, Alberta, Canada          University of Calgary – Foothills Arena  Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann's Earth Band,


23 May                         Fresno, CA, USA                         Warner Theatre  Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, KISS.
24 May                         Portland, OR, USA                      Paramount Northwest Theatre  Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, KISS
25 May                         Seattle, WA, USA                        Paramount Northwest Theatre  Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, KISS
26 May                         Spokane, WA, USA                     Gonzaga University--John F. Kennedy Pavilion  Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann's Earth

                                                                                            Band, KISS
28 May                         Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada The Gardens  Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, KISS.
30 May                         San Diego, CA, USA                  San Diego Sports Arena  Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, KISS.
31 May                         Long Beach, CA, USA               Long Beach Auditorium  Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, KISS.

                                                                                           (This show was broadcast on KNAC radio.)
0 June                          San Francisco, CA, USA           Winterland  Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, KISS
01 July                         Cleveland, OH, USA                   Agora Ballroom
04 July                         Pembroke Pines, FL, USA        Hollywood Sportatorium, Support to Uriah Heep
05 July                         St Petersburg, FL, USA             Bay Front Center Arena with Uriah Heep
06 July                         Jacksonville, FL, USA               The Coliseum with Uriah Heep
07 July                         Atlanta, GA, USA                        The Omni with Uriah Heep
09 July                         Philadelphia, PA, USA               Wachovia Spectrum Center, with Uriah Heep & Climax Blues Band
11 July                         Memphis, TN, USA                    Mid-South Coliseum, with Uriah Heep
12 July                         Knoxville, TN, USA                    Civic Center with Uriah Heep and Aerosmith
13 July                         Little Rock, AR, USA                  Barton Coliseum, with Uriah Heep and Aerosmith
14 July                         St Louis, MO, USA                     Kiel Municipal Auditorium, with Uriah Heep
18 July                         Kansas City, MO, USA              Municipal Auditorium (Uriah Heep with Manfred Mann and Aerosmith)
19 July                         Louisville, KY, USA                    Convention Center, wuith Uriah Heep and Aerosmith
20 July                         Columbus, OH, USA                  St John's Arena, with Uriah Heep, Aerosmith and Babe Ruth
21 July                         Chicago, IL, USA                        International Ampitheatre, with Uriah Heep and Babe Ruth
25 July                         Detroit, MI, USA                         Cobo Arena(Uriah Heep and Aerosmith)
27 July                         Madison, WI, USA                     Dane County Colisseum (with Uriah Heep, Aerosmith and Babe Ruth)
28-30 July                   Minneapolis, MN, USA             Metro Sports Arena, with Uriah Heep, Aerosmith only on 28th
02 August                   Waterbury, CT, USA                  Palace Theatre
03 August                   Syracuse, NY, USA                   Onondaga County War Memorial Auditorium with Uriah Heep and Aerosmith
04 August                   Providence, RI, USA                  Palace Theatre with Uriah Heep and Aerosmith
07 August                   Philadelphia, PA, USA              Spectrum with Uriah Heep and The Climax Blues Band
08 August                   Harrisburg, PA, USA                 Farm Show Arena with Uriah Heep and Blue Oyster Cult
09 August                   New York, NY, USA              '    Schaefer Music Festival', Wollman Rick, Central Park with Uriah Heep and Aerosmith
10 August                   Niagra Falls, NY, USA              Convention Center with Uriah Heep and Aerosmith
14 August                   Pittsburgh, PA, USA                 Civic Center Arena, (with Uriah Heep & Rush)
15 August                   Cleveland, OH, USA                  Public Auditorium, with Uriah Heep, Babe Ruth & Rush
16 August                   Cincinnati, OH, USA                  Gardens, with Uriah Heep and Rush

17 August                   Charleston. WV, USA                Charleston Civic Center, with Uriah Heep and Rush
21 August                   Atlanta, GA, USA                       Fox Theatre
20 September            Linkoping, Sweden                     Katedralskolans Aula
21 September            Gothenburg, Sweden                 Konserthuset
25 September            Stockholm, Sweden                   Radiohuset Studio 4 (Tonkraft?) One gig recorded for Swedish Radio, "Tonkraft"

                                                                                           (produced by Christer Eklund). Possibly on September 24 at the Swedish Radio. A TV

                                                                                           show ('The Jollious Joint') recorded by YLE in Helsinki. 'Mercury' and 'The Good Earth'

                                                                                           were played live. Presented by David Grossmann

25 September            Stockholm, Sweden                   Pa Karen
27 September            Lund, Sweden                             Auditorium
28 September            Ronneby, Sweden                       Club Ron (Row at door beforehand due to number of people wanting to see concert)
04 October                 Salford, England                         Salford University
18 October                 London, England                        Goldsmiths College
19 October                 London, England                        Roundhouse (Dagenham)
20 October                 Plymouth, England                    Guildhall
21 October                 Bournemouth, England             Winter Gardens
22 October                 Birmingham, England               Town Hall
24 October                 Warwick, England                      Warwick University
25 October                 Hull, England                              Technical College
26 October                 Cambridge, England                  Corn Exchange
27 October                 London, England                        Roundhouse (Chalk Farm) with Global Village Trucking Co and Brown's Home Brew
30 October                 Keele, England                           Keele University
01 November             Newcastle, England                   Newcastle University
02 November             Sheffield, England                      Sheffield University
03 November             Oxford, England                          New Theatre
05 November             Scarborough, England               Penthouse Club
06 November             Scarborough, England               Penthouse Club
08 November             Bristol, England                          Polytechnic
09 November             London, England                        London School of Economics with Rod Felton
10 November             Guildford, England                     Civic Centre with Jackie Lynton
11 November             Watford, England                       Town Hall
03 December             Cleveland, OH, USA                    Public Hall, with Frank Zappa & The Mothes
05 December             Pittsburgh, PA, USA                   Syria Mosque, with Brian Auger and The Oblvion Express
06 December            Cincinnati, OH, USA                    Cincinnati Gardens with ZZ Top & JJ Cale
12 December            Toronto, Ontario, Canada          Convocation Hall, University of Toronto, with Rush
?? December             Other East Coast US Dates  
20 December            Upper Darby, PA, USA                Tower Theatre
21 December             Philadelphia, PA, USA               Spectrum, with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and The J Geils Band

Press Cutting from Madera Tribune 5 Feb 1974 (re-typed due to poor quality of original)
Press Cutting from Madera Tribune 5 Feb 1974 (re-typed due to poor quality of original)


Date                            Town/ Country                               Venue
09 January                 Derby, England                               Cleopatra's 
10 January                 London, England                            Imperial College, with Sutherland Brothers and Quiver
25 February                Barcelona, Spain                           Palacio Municipal de los Deportes
8 March                      Salisbury, England                          City Hall, with Clancy
9 March                      Guildford, England                          Civic Hall, with Clancy
14 March                    Salford, England                             Salford University, with Clancy
15 March                    Hemel Hempstead, England        Pavilion, with Clancy
16 March                    Croydon, England                           Greyhound Hotel, with Clancy
20 March                    Treforest Polytechnic, Wales       Treforest Polytechnic, with Clancy
22 March                    Southend, England                         Kursaal, with Clancy
23 March                    Birmingham, England                    Barbarellas, with Clancy
29 March                    Cambridge, England                      Corn Exchange, with Clancy
30 March                    Gravesend, England                       Woodville Hall, with Clancy
3 April                          Cleethorpes, England                    Winter Gardens, with Clancy
18 April                       Heidelberg, Germany                     Stadthalle
19 April                       Singen. Germany                            Scheffenhalle
20 April                       Ludwigsburg, Germany                 Stadthalle
21 April                       Munchen, Germany                        Theater an der BriennerStrasse
22 April                       Augsburg, Germany                       Kongresshalle
23 April                       Wurzburg, Germany                       Huttensale
24 April                       Schwabisch Gmund, Germany     Stadtgarten
25 April                       Ulm, Germany                                 Donauhalle
26 April                       Kehl, Germany                                 Stadthalle
27 April                       Erlangen, Germany                         Redoutensaal
29 April                       Offenbach, Germany                      Stadthalle support Climax Blues Ban
30 April                       Dusseldorf, Germany                     Philipshalle, support Climax Blues Band
1 May                          Cloppenburg, Germany                  Münsterlandhalle support Climax Blues Band
2 May                          Hamburg, Germany                        Musikhalle support Climax Blues Band
6 May                          Dortmund, Germany                       Westfallenhalle 3
?? May                        Amsterdam, Netherlands  
?? May                        Zurich, Switzerland  
?? May                        Copenhagen, Denmark  
?? May                        Gothenburg, Sweden  
?? May                        Oslo, Norway  
9 June                        Paris, France                                   Palais des Sports, with Uriah Heep
19 July                       Southend, England                          Kursaal (listed in Record Mirror 19 July 1975)
20 July                       Croydon, England                            Greyhound Hotel (listed in Record Mirror 19 July 1975)
22 August                 Chicago, IL, USA                              Ampitheatre, with Uriah Heep.  Mick Roger's last gig.
29 September          Start of West Coast US dates before East Coast dates (first gigs with Chris Thompson and Dave Flett) 
?? October                Detroit, MI, USA  
?? October                Boston, MA, USA  
?? October                Atlanta, GA, USA  
12 October               Roslyn, New York, USA                    My Father's Place (broadcast on WLIR-FM in Garden City, New York on 16 Dec '75)
05 November           Scarborough, England                     Scarborough Penthouse
06 November           Scarborough, England                     Scarborough Penthouse
07 November           Sheffield, England                            Polytechnic
10 November           London, England                               City & Guilds Festival, Imperial College with Sutherland Bros & Quiver & Bob Kerr's
                                                                                                Whoopee Band
22 November           New York, NY, USA                           Felt Forum. as support to ZZ Top
23 November           Pittsburgh, PA, USA                         Civic Arena, with J.Geils Band and Gary Wright
26 November           New York, NY, USA                           Beacon Theatre, with Roxy Music
27 November           Atlanta, GA, USA                               Fox Theatre, with The Souther-Hillman-Furay Band
29 November           Philadelphia, PA, USA                      Wachovia Spectrum Centre, with Edgar Winter Group & Kansas
5 December              Charleston, WV, USA                       Charleston Civic Center
6 December              Johnson City, TN, USA                    MMEB were support on Black Sabbath 'Sabotage' tour, with Ruby Starr, Grey
                                                                                               Ghost and Black Sabbath.
8 December              Cleveland, OH, USA                         Agora Ballroom
10 December            Atlanta, GA, USA                              Electric Ballroom
18 December            Milwaukee, WI, USA                        Oriental Theatre, with Quicksilver Messenger Service
20 December            Montreal, QC, Canada                    The Montreal Forum
21 December            Ottowa, ON, Canada                       Ottowa Civic Center
26 December            Chicago, IL, USA                              Aragon Ballroom with Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Blue Oyster Cult
27 December            Ludwigshafen, Germany                Friedrich-Ebert-Halle - Christmas Rock Meeting with  Atlantis, Colosseum II,
                                                                                               Message and Osibisa
28 December            Dortmund, Germany                       Westfallenhalle 5, Christman Rock Meeting with  Atlantis, Colosseum II, Message
                                                                                              and Osibisa


Date                            Town/ Country                                   Venue
20 February               Southampton, England                      Southampton University
21 February               Maidenhead, England                        Maidenhead College
28 February               Sheffield, England                              Sheffield University
05 March                   Stoke-on-Trent, England                   North Staffs Polytechnic
06 March                   Bristol, England                                  Bristol, Polytechnic
13 March                   London, England                                Great Hall, London Imperial College
14 March                   Hemel Hempstead, England            Hemel Hempstead Pavilion
17 March                   Two week European tour 

26 March                   Koln, Germany                                    Sartory-Sale

27 March                   Hamburg, Germany                           Musikhalle

03 April                       Swindon, England                              College of Technology (listed in Record Mirror 3 Apr 1976)

19-21 April                 London, England                                Marquee Club (the last time that Manfred played the club)
30 April                       Nottingham, England                        Nottingham Trent Polytechnic
01 May                       Barking, London, England                North East London Polytechinc
04 May                       Lille, France  
05 May                       Colmar, France  
06 May                       Besancon, France  
07 May                       Grenoble, France  
08 May                       Paris, France                                      Olympia
14 May                       Birmingham, England                        Aston University (date listed in Record Mirror 15 May 1976)

15 May                       Aylesbury, England                           Aylesbury Friars

21 May                       Woolwich, London, England            Thames Polytechnic
22 May                       Epsom, England                                 Ewell Polytechnic

29 May                       Delfzijl, Netherlands                          Sporthal Olympia
05 June                      6 day visit to France starting Wed 5 June If anyone has details of gigs/ dates please send them in
25 June                      Keele, England                                   Keele University
26 June                      Southend, England                            Southend Polytechnic
04 July                        York, England York                            Open Air Festival
27/28                          August Reading, England                 Reading Festival
31 August                  Berlin, Germany                                  Deutschlandhalle, with Rory Gallagher

10 September           Cardiff, Wales                                     Cardiff Castle support for Queen
11 September           Southend, England                             Kursaal, with Racing Cars
12 September           Croydon, England                               Fairfield Halls, with Racing Cars
14 September           Edinburgh, Scotland                          Usher Hall, with Racing Cars
15 September           Glasgow, Scotland                             Kelvin Hall, with Racing Cars
16 September           Southport, England                            New Luxury Theatre, with Racing Cars
18 September           Newcastle, England                           City Hall, with Racing Cars
19 September           Manchester, England                         Free Trade Hall, with Racing Cars
20 September           Brighton, England                               Dome, with Racing Cars
22 September           Leicester, England                              De Montfort Hall, with Racing Cars
23 September          Oxford, England                                   New Theatre, with Racing Cars
24 September          Bristol, England                                   Colston Hall, with Racing Cars
25 September          Ipswich, England                                 Gaumont, with Racing Cars

27 September           Leeds, England                                    Leeds Polytechnic with Racing Cars (listed in Record Mirror 26 Sep 1976)
28 September          Bradford, England                               St Georges Hall, with Racing Cars
29 September          Birmingham, England                         Town Hall, with Racing Cars
30 September          Sheffield, England                               City Hall, with Racing Cars
01 October               Southampton, England                       Southampton University, with Racing Cars

02 October               Bletchley, England                                Bletchley Leisure Centre with Racing Cars (listed in Record Mirror 01 Oct 76)
04 October               London, England                                  Victoria Palace, with Racing Cars
11 October               Schaumburg, IL, USA                          B'ginnings
15 October               Philadelphia, PA, USA                         Spectrum (with Blue Oyster Cult & Angel)
16 October               Newtown, PA, USA                              Bucks County Community College (illegally released many times)
17 October               Youngstown, PA, USA                        Tomorrow Club
29 October               Detroit, MI, USA                                   Masonic Auditorium, with Starzc Auditorium
31 October               Albany, NY, USA                                  Palace Theatre
01 November          New York, NY, USA                              Bottomline. with Crack The Sky
06 November          Kent, OH, USA                                       Kent State University, Memorial Gym, with Lynrd Skynrd
03 December          Stockholm, Sweden                             Konserthuset
06 December          Gothenburg, Sweden                           Konserthuset
07 December          Lund, Sweden                                       Olympen
17 December          Southampton, England                       Gaumont, with Bandit
18 December          Cardiff, Wales                                       Capitol, with Bandit
19 December          London, England                                  New Victoria, with Bandit


Date                             Town/ Country                                    Venue
14 January                  Offenbach, Germany                          Stadthalle, support Racing Cars
15 January                  Main, Germany New                           Century Arena
16 January                  Hamburg, Germany                            Congress Centrum
19 January                  Essen, Germany                                  Grughalle, support Racing Cars
22 January                  Zurich, Switzerland                             Volkshaus
25 January                  Ludwigshafen, Germany                    Eberthalle
27 January                  Munich, Germany                                Deutsches Museum
28 January                  Offenburg, Germany                           Oberreinhalle
29 January                  Ulm, Germany                                      Donauhalle
30 January                  Hof, Germany                                       Freiheitshalle
31 January                  Nuremburg, Germany 


Note: US dates below revised Dec 2019 following obtaining Bronze Records tour information:


?? February                  Bletchley, England                              Leisure Centre (Warm up gig) with Racing Cars

23 February                 Phoenix, AZ, USA                                Celebrity Theatre

24 February                 Los Angeles, CA, USA                        Roxy Night Club with Hero

25 February                 Los Angeles, CA, USA                        Roxy Night Club with Hero

26 February                 Los Angeles, CA, USA                        Roxy Night Club with Hero

28 February                 Los Angeles, CA, USA                        Filming Midnight Special


01 March                     Portland, OR, USA                               Paramount Theatre

02 March                     Seattle, WA, USA                                 Paramount Theatre

03 March                     Rochester, NY, USA                             Auditorium with Starcastle
04 March                     San Francisco, CA, USA                     Winterland, with Journey and The Pousette-Dart Band
05 March                     Fresno, CA,USA                                   California State University

06 March                     Santa Monica, CA, USA                      Civic Centre

08 March                     Denver, CO, USA                                   Ebbets Field Club

09 March                     Denver, CO, USA                                   Ebbets Field Club

11 March                     Omaha, NE, USA                                  Civic Auditorium Music Hall

13 March                     Evansville, IN, USA                               Veterans Memorial Colosseum

14 March                     Richfield, OH, USA                                Richfield Colosseum

17 March                     Fort Wayne, IN, USA                            Allen County War Memorial Coliseum with Gary Wright and Robert Palmer.
18 March                     Indianapolis, IN, USA                           Convention Centre

19 March                     Cincinnati, OH, USA                              River Front Colosseum 
20 March                     St. Louis, MO, USA                               Kiel Auditorium (Gary Wright, Manfred Mann's Earth Band & Robert Palmer)
21 March                     Davenport, IA, USA                               RKO Orpheum Theatre, with Angel

22 March                     Milwaukee, WI, USA                             Auditorium

23 March                     Chicago, IL, USA                                   Auditorium

24 March                     Pittsburgh, PA                                       Stanley Theatre

25 March                     Philadelphia, PA, USA                          Tower Theatre

26 March                     Philadelphia, PA, USA                          Tower Theatre 
27 March                     Charleston, WV, USA                            Civic Centre, with Electric Light Orchestra and Elliot Murphy

28 March                     Louisville, KY, USA                                Freedom Hall
31 March                     Rochester, NY, USA                              Auditorium with Starcastle
01 April                        New York, NY, USA                               The Palladium, with Gary Wright

02 April                        Boston, MA, USA                                  The Music Hall, with Gary Wright
03 April                        Baltimore, MD, USA                              Civic Centre ,with Nils Lofgren & Starcastle. Colin Pattenden's last gig
30 May                         Geleen, Netherlands                             Sportpark Geleen, Pinkpop Festival.. Pat King's first gig.
01 June                        Stockholm, Sweden                             Grona Lund
17 June                        Koln, Germany                                      Mungersdorfer Stadio, with Gentle Giant, Lake and Genesis
19 June                        Offenbach, Germany                           Stadion Bieberer Berg, with Gentle Giant, Lake and Genesis
10 August                    Berlin, Germany                                    2nd Golden Summernight concert, Waldbuhne, with Uriah Heep,

                                                                                                       The Small Faces and others
14 August                    Esslingen, Germany                             2nd Golden Summernight concert, with Aerosmith, Small Faces, Uriah

                                                                                                      Heep, Ted Nugent, The Greg Allman Band, Country Joe McDonald 


Date                               Town/ Country                                      Venue
04 March                       Umea, Sweden  
05 March                       Oslo, Norway                                         Ekeberg Hall
07 March                       Lund, Sweden                                        Olympen
09 March                       Stockholm, Sweden                              Konserthuset
10 March                       Stockholm, Sweden                              Konserthuset
11 March                       Gothenburg, Sweden                            Scandinavium, with Cheap Trick
16 March                       Hamburg, Germany                               Musikhalle
17 March                       Wiesbaden, Germany                            Rhein-Main-Halle
18 March                       Dortmund, Germany                              Westfalenhalle
19 March                       Koln, Germany                                        Sporthalle
20 March                       Hannover, Germany                               Niedersachsenhalle
21 March                       Stuttgart-Boblingen,.Germany             Sporthalle
22 March                       Ulm, Germany                                         Donauhalle
23 March                       Heidelberg Eppelheim, Germany         Rhein-Neckar Halle
25 March                       Dusseldorf, Germany                             Philipshalle
27 March                       Zurich, Switzerland                                Kongresshaus
03 April                          Copenhagen, Denmark                         Tivoli Concert Hall
07 April                          Newcastle, England                              City Hall
08 April                          Edinburgh, Scotland                              Usher Hall  (Cancelled)

08 April                          Glasgow, Scotland                                 Apollo
09 April                          Aberdeen, Scotland                               Capitol Theatre
10 April                          Glasgow, Scotland                                Apollo (date moved to 8 April)
11 April                          Sheffield, England                                 City Hall
12 April                          Bradford, England                                 St Georges Hall
13 April                          Ipswich, England                                   Gaumont
14 April                          London, England                                   The Rainbow
15 April                          Brighton, England                                  Dome
16 April                          Bristol, England                                     Colston Hall
17 April                          Portsmouth, England                           Guildhall
19 April                          Birmingham, England                          Odeon

20 April                          Hanley, England                                    Victoria Hall
21 April                          Manchester, England                           Palace Theatre (originally to be Free Trade Hall)

22 April                          Wolverhampton, England                    Civic Hall
23 April                          Croydon, England                                 Fairfield Hall
?? June                           Brief US Tour 
18 June                          Passaic, NJ, USA                                 Capitol Theatre


Date                                  Town/ Country                                   Venue

14 March                         Keele, UK                                              Keele University (Easter Ball) - warm up gig for European Tour. First Gig with                                                                                                              Steve Waller and John Lingwood

23 March                         Trondheim, Norway                            Nidarohollen. 
24 March                         Oslo, Norway                                       Ekebergshallen
26 March                         Copenhagen, Denmark                      Tivoli Concert Hall
27 March                         Vejle, Denmark                                    Idrottenshus
28 March                         Lund, Sweden                                      Olympen
29 March                         Gothenburg, Sweden                          Scandinavium (5,000 people)
30 March                         Stockholm, Sweden                           Konserthus
31 March                         Stockholm, Sweden                           Konserthus
02 April                            Helsinki, Finland                                  Finlandia
03 April                            Turku, Finland                                      Concert Hs
08 April                            Wolfsburg, Germany                           Stadthalle
09 April                            Hannover, Germany                            Ellen Rieder Halle
10 April                            Dusseldorf, Germany                          Philipshalle
11 April                            Bremen, Germany                               Stadthalle
12 April                            Berlin, Germany                                   Eissporthalle
15 April                            Dortmund, Germany                           Westfalenhalle
16 April                            Koln, Germany                                     Koellner Sporthalle
17 April                            Eindhoven, Netherlands                     Stadsschouwburg
18 April                            Nijmegen, Netherlands                      De Vereeniging
19 April                            The Hague, Netherlands                    Congressgebouw
20 April                            Antwerp, Belgium                                Cine Room, Borgerhaut, Antwerp
21 April                            Paris, France                                        Paris Stadium
26 April                            Munster, Germany                              Hallen Muensterland
27 April                            Saarbrucken, Germany                      Saarlandhalle (Lucifer's Friends - support)
28 April                            Boblingen, Germany                           Stadthalle
29 April                            Basel, Switzerland                              St. Jakob Sportshalle
01 May                             Zurich, Switzerland                            Congreshalle
02 May                             Freiburg, Germany                             Stadthalle
03 May                             Wiesbaden, Germany                        Rhein-Mainhalle
05 May                             Nurnberg, Germany                           Messehalle
06 May                             Ravensburg, Germany                      Oberschwabenhalle
07 May                             Munich, Germany                              Circus Krone
08 May                             Munich, Germany                              Circus Krone
09 May                             Munich, Germany                              Circus Krone
10 May                             Offenbach, Germany  
14 May                             Hamburg, Germany                          CCHI Messe & Congress
15 May                             Hamburg, Germany                          CCHI Messe & Congress
16 May                             Ludwigshafen, Germany                  Friedrich-Eberthalle
17 May                             Hof, Germany                                    Stadthalle
19 May                             Wurzburg, Germany                          Kurnachtalhalle
21 May                             Ulm, Germany                                    Donauhalle
23 May                             Graz, Austria                                      Sporthalle
24 May                             Linz, Austria                                       Sporthalle
25 May                             Vienna, Austria                                  Stadthalle
07 June                            Bristol, England                                 Colston Hall
08 June                            Brighton, England                              Dome
12 June                            Portsmouth, England                        Guildhall
13 June                            London, England                                Hammersmith Odeon
14 June                            Oxford, England                                 New Theatre
16 June                            Birmingham, England                       Odeon
17 June                            Croydon, England                              Fairfield Halls
19 June                            Edinburgh, Scotland                          Usher Hall
20 June                            Newcastle, England                          City Hall
21 June                            Sheffield, England                             City Hall
22 June                            Manchester, England                        Apollo


Date                                  Town/ Country                                    Venue
17 January                       Bracknell, UK                                        Bracknell Sports Centre, with Rab Noakes
18 January                       Hatfield (Doncaster), UK                    The Forum, with Rab Noakes
20 January                       Lille, France                                          Palais St. Sauveu, with Grand Prix
21 January                       Nancy, France                                      Parc Des Expositions, with Grand Prix
22 January                       Strasbourg, France                             Hall Rhenus, with Grand Prix
23 January                       Essen, Germany                                  Grugahalle, with Grand Prix
24 January                       Bremen, Germany                               Stadthalle, with Grand Prix
25 January                       Hannover, Germany                            Eilenriederhalle, with Grand Prix
26 January                       Dortmund, Germany                           Westfallenhalle 1, with Grand Prix
27 January                       Kassel, Germany                                 Eissporthalle Kasse, with Grand Prix
28 January                       Ludwigshafen, Germany                    Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, with Grand Prix
30 January                       Freiburg, Germany                              Stadthalle, with Grand Prix
31 January                       Ravensburg, Germany                       Oberschwabenhalle, with Grand Prix
01 February                      Saarbrucken, Germany                      Saarlandhalle, with Grand Prix
02 February                      Karlsruhe, Germany                           Schwarzwaldhalle, with Grand Prix
03 February                      Ulm, Germany                                     Donauhalle, with Grand Prix
04 February                      Boblingen (Nr Stuttgart), Germany  Sporthalle, with Grand Prix
05 February                      Paris, France                                       Pavilion Baltard, with Grand Prix
10 February                      Brussels, Belgium                              Vorst-Nationaal, with Grand Prix
11 February                      Den Haag, Netherlands                     Congresgebouw, with Grand Prix
12 February                      Den Haag, Netherlands                     Congresgebouw, with Grand Prix
13 February                      Cologne, Germany                             Koelner Sporthalle, with Grand Prix
14 February                      Munster, Germany                             Halle Munsterland, with Grand Prix
15 February                      Dusseldorf, Germany                        Philipshalle, with Grand Prix
16 February                      Nurnberg, Germany                           Hemmerleinhalle, with Grand Prix
17 February                      Nurnberg, Germany                           Hemmerleinhalle, with Grand Prix
19 February                      Bremerhaven, Germany                    Stadthalle, with Grand Prix
20 February                      Kiel, Germany                                     Ostseehalle, with Grand Prix
21 February                      Hamburg, Germany                           C.C.H. 1, with Grand Prix
22 February                      Hamburg, Germany                           C.C.H. 1, with Grand Prix
23 February                      Hamburg, Germany                           C.C.H. 1, with Grand Prix
24 February                      Wiesbaden, Germany                        Rhein-Main-Halle, with Grand Prix
25 February                      Wiesbaden, Germany                        Rhein-Main-Halle, with Grand Prix
27 February                      Augsburg, Germany                           Augsburger, Sporthalle, with Grand Prix
28 February                      Munich, Germany                               Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle, with Grand Prix
01 March                          Munich, Germany                               Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle, with Grand Prix
05 March                          Heidelberg, Germany                         Rhein-Neckar-Halle, with Grand Prix
07 March                          Zurich, Switzerland                            Hallenstadion, with Grand Prix
09 March                          Innsbruck, Austria                              Olympiahalle, with Grand Prix
10 March                          Linz, Austria                                        Sporthalle, with Grand Prix
11 March                          Graz, Austria                                       Sporthalle Liebenau, with Grand Prix
12 March                          Vienna, Austria                                   Wienner Stadthalle, with Grand Prix
14 March                          Wertheim, Germany                           Main-Tauber-Halle, with Grand Prix
15 March                          Wertheim, Germany                           Main-Tauber-Halle, with Grand Prix
16 March                          Passau, Germany                               Nibelungenhalle, with Grand Prix
17 March                          Hof, Germany                                      Freiheitshalle, with Grand Prix
18 March                          Berlin, Germany                                  Deutschlandhalle, with Grand Prix
20 March                          Gothenburg, Sweden                         Scandinavium, with Grand Prix
21 March                          Stockholm, Sweden                           Isstadion, with support
22 March                          Lund, Sweden                                     Olympen, with support
23 March                          Aarhus, Holland                                  Vejlby Risskovhall, with support
24 March                         Copenhagen, Denmark                       Falkoner Teatret, with support
25 March                         Copenhagen, Denmark                       Tivoli Concert Hall, with support
27 March                         Drammen, Norway                               Drammenshallen, with support
30 March                         London, England                                  Dominion Theatre, with Grand Prix
31 March                         London, England                                  Dominion Theatre, with Grand Prix


Date                                 Town/ Country                                      Venue

??                                      Guildford, England                                Guildford Civic Hall (warm up gig for Somewhere Tour) Matt Irving's First Gig

04 February                    Cardiff, Wales                                        St David's Hall

8 - 12 February               Start of European Tour   

10 February                    Crawley, England                                   Crawley Leisure Centre                    
13 February                    Saint-Ouen (nr Paris), France              Palais des Sports
?? February                     Lille, France                                           Palais Saint Saveur
21 February                    Metz, France  
23 February                    Brussels, Belgium                                 Vorst Nationaal
24 February                    Den Haag, Holland                                Congressgebouw
25 February                    Den Haag, Holland                                Congressgebouw
26 February                    Luxemburg  
02 March                        Gothenburg, Sweden                            Scandinavium
05 March                        Stockholm, Sweden                              Isstadion
6 or 7 March                  Copenhagen, Denmark                         Falkoner Theatre
09 March                        Berlin, Germany                                     Deutschlandhalle
10 March                        Bremen, Germany                                 Stadthalle 3
11 March                        Dusseldorf, Germany                            Phillipshalle
12 March                        Cologne, Germany                                Sportshalle
13 March                        Frankfurt, Germany                               Festhalle, with Vitesse, 8-10,000 audience.
14 March                        Heidelberg-Eppelheim, Germany        Rhein-Neckar Halle
15 March                        Hof, Germany                                        Freiheitshalle
16 March                        Wurzburg, Germany                              Karl Diem Halle
18 March                        Zurich, Switzerland                               Hallenstadion
21 March                        Hannover, Germany                              Eiden Riede Halle
22 March                        Nurnberg, Germany                               Messenzentrum
23 March                        Freiburg, Germany                                 Stadthalle
24 March                        Ravensburg, Germany                           Oberschwabenhalle
26 March                        Hamburg, Germany                               Ernst-Merck-Halle
27 March                        Kiel, Germany                                         Ostseehalle
28 March                        Dortmund, Germany                              Westfalenhalle
29 March                        Saarbrucken, Germany                         Saarlandhalle
30 March                        Sindelfingen (Nr Stuttgart), Germany Messehalle
31 March                        Munchen, Germany                               Olympiahalle
6 & 7 April                      Budapest, Hungary                                Sporthalle (Budapest live recorded)

8 April                             Bratislava, Hungary                               
10 April                           Vienna, Austria                                       Stadthalle
13 April                           London, England                                    Dominion Theatre,

14 April                           London, England                                    Dominion Theatre, last gig for Matt Irving and Steve Waller


Date                                    Town/ Country                                         Venue 

21 March                            Brentwood, England                                Essex Institute of Higher Education First gig with Steve Kinch and the                                                                                                                           returning Mick Rogers

24 March                            Woking, England                                      Old School House, with Outside Edge (formerly Blackfoot Sue).  

25 March                            Newmarket, England                              With Denny Newman's SOS
?? March                             Chelmsford, England                              Chancellor Hall.  With Denny Newman's SOS
?? March                             Manchester, England                              With Denny Newman's SOS
?? March                             Brentford, England                                  Red Lion, with Denny Newman's SOS
03 April                               Gothenburg, Sweden                               Konserthuset, with Outside Edge
04 April                               Oslo, Norway                                            Skedsmohallen, with Outside Edge
06 April                               Stockholm, Sweden                                Konserthuset, with Outside Edge
07 April                               Copenhagen, Denmark                           Saga, with Outside Edge
08 April                               Aarhus, Denmark                                     Musikhuset, with Outside Edge
11 April                               Munich, Germany                                     Rudi-Sedlmayer Halle, with Outside Edge
12 April                               Landshut, Germany                                 Sporthalle, with Outside Edge
13 April                               Zurich, Switzerland                                  Hallenstadion, with Outside Edge
14 April                               Freiburg, Germany                                   Stadthalle, with Outside Edge
16 April                               Voeklingen, Germany                              Sporthalle, with Outside Edge
17 April                               Augsburg, Germany                                 Sporthalle, with Outside Edge
18 April                               Wurzburg, Germany                                 Carl-Diem-Halle, with Outside Edge
19 April                               Russelheim, Germany                              Walter-Kobel-Halle, with Outside Edge
20 April                               Nurnberg, Germany                                  Hemmerleinhalle, with Outside Edge
22 April                               Stuttgart, Germany                                   Sporthalle Boblingen, with Outside Edge
23 April                               Ludwigshafen, Germany                          Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, with Outside Edge
24 April                               Ravensburg, Austria                                 Oberschwabenhalle, with Outside Edge
25 April                               Innsbruck, Austria                                     Olympiahalle, with Outside Edge
26 April                               Klagenfurt, Austria                                    Stadthalle, with Outside Edge
27 April                               Graz, Austria                                              Eishalle, with Outside Edge
28 April                               Linz, Austria                                               Sportshalle, with Outside Edge
30 April                               Koln, Germany                                           Sporthalle, with Outside Edge
01 May                                Hannover, Germany                                 Stadion Sporthalle, with Outside Edge
02 May                                Kiel, Germany                                            Ostseehalle, with Outside Edge
03 May                                Hamburg, Germany                                  Sporthalle Alsterdorfer with 'Outside Edge'
04 May                                Berlin, Germany                                        Eissporthalle, with Outside Edge
06 May                                Braunschweig, Germany                         Stadthalle, with Outside Edge
07 May                                Kassel, Germany                                      Stadthalle, with Outside Edge
08 May                                Dortmund, Germany                                Westfalenhalle 3, with Outside Edge
09 May                                Essen, Germany                                        Grughalle, with Outside Edge
14 May                                Differdange, Luxembourg                       Central Sportif, with Outside Edge
15 May                                Lille, France                                               Espace 155, Foir Internat, with Outside Edge
16 May                                Paris, France                                             Le Zenith, with Outside Edge
17 May                                Strasbourg, France                                  Tivoli, with Outside Edge
18 May                                Mulhouse, France                                     Palais Des Sports, with Outside Edge
19 May                                Dijon, France                                             Forum, with Outside Edge
21 May                                Toulouse, France                                     Palais Des Sports, with Outside Edge
22 May                                Montpellier, France                                  Le Zenith, with Outside Edge
23 May                                Marseilles, France                                    La Stadium, with Outside Edge
24 May                                Nice, France                                              Theatre Verdure, with Outside Edge
25 May                                Geneva, Switzerland                                Patinoire Des Vernets, with Outside Edge
26 May                                Milan, Italy                                                 Rolling Stone, with Outside Edge
28 May                                Vienna, Austria                                         Stadthalle, with Outside Edge
29 May                                Budapest, Hungary                                  Buda Sporthalle, with Outside Edge
30 May                                Budapest, Hungary                                  Buda Sporthalle, with Outside Edge
31 May                                Bratislava, Slovak                                    Republik With Outside Edge
03 June                               Den Haag, Netherlands                           Congresgebouw, with Outside Edge
04 June                               Brussels, Belgium                                     Vorst-Nationaal, with Outside Edge
06 June                               London, England                                       Hammersmith Odeon, with Outside Edge
09 June                               Frankfurt, Germany  
21 June                               Sandefjord, Norway  
23 July                                Southend, England                                   Southend Technical College
24 July                                Brentwood, England                                 Hermit Club
25-27 July                          Gilleleje, Denmark                                     Birkevang, Gilleleje Festival ( 13.000 people )
?? August                           Newmarket, England  
19 August                          Woking, England                                      Old School House
22 August                          Hamburg, Germany                                  Stadtpark
23 August                          Loreley, Germany                                      Open Air, Rock-und Motorrad Festival, other artists Joe Cocker, Eric
                                                                                                                 Burdon and Wolf Maahn
05 September                   Frankfurt, Germany With Outside Edge
06 September                   Schuettorf, Germany Acts as below
07 September                   Munchen-Aschheim                               Open air in parking area of drive in cinema, acts in order:  Bloodfire posse 
                                                                                                               Third World  David Lindley  El rayo-x  Matt Bianco (didn't show up)  Roger
                                                                                                               Chapman and Shortlist played for them  MMEB  Joe Cocker was headliner 
                                                                                                              John Lingwood's last gig, MMEB disbanded.


Date                                   Town/ Country                                        Venue
03 June                             Guildford, England                                 Flicks.  First gig with Noel McCalla and Clive Bunker
04 June                             Manchester, England                             International 2
?? June                              Milton Keynes, England  
?? June                              South Shields, England                         The Customs House
?? June                              Scunthorpe, England                             Baths
07 June                             Wiesbaden, Germany                            Giedener Festival
13 June                             Milton Keynes, England                        Woughton Centre
16 June                             Worthing, England                                 Assembly Halls, Billed as Manfred Mann's Earth Band II
19 June                             Norwich, England                                  University of East Anglia
28 June                             Berlin, Germany                                     Waldbuhne - headliners The Beach Boys, with The Allman Brothers and

                                                                                                             Little River Band.
29 June                             Dinkelsbuhl, Germany                          Open Air Inselwiese - headliners The Beach Boys, with The Allman Brothers

                                                                                                            and Little River Band.
30 June                             Gottingen, Germany                             Jahnstadion, Open air - headliners The Beach Boys, with The Allman

                                                                                                            Brothers and Little River Band
02 July                              Gothenburg, Sweden                            Ullevi Stadium, opening for The Beach Boys
03 July                              Koln, Germany                                       Tanzbrunnen
05 July                             Schwarzenberg, Germany                    Open Air
06 July                             Wiesbaden, Germany                            Giebener Festival,- headliners The Beach Boys, with The Allman Brothers

                                                                                                            and Little River Band.
?? July                             Bundesland Saarland region, Germany Open air in middle of forest, one of supporting acts was Queen

                                                                                                            coverband 'D-Fact'.
03 August                       Copenhagen, Denmark                          Valby Idræstpark (15.000 People)
02 September                Miltenberg, Germany                             Festzelt (with Hans Söllner and others)
21 November                New Cross, London                                 England Amersham Arms
?? November                 Leicester, England                                   Leicester Polytechnic
26 November                Norwich, England                                     The Oval Rock House
28 November                Harlesden, London, England                   Mean Fiddler

30 November                Rotterdam, Netherlands                          Nighttown

01 December                Mulhouse, France                                   Le Phoenix

02 December                Zurich, Switzerland                                 Volksshaus

04 December                Paris, France                                            Elysee Montmartre

05 December                Brussels, Belgium                                   Ancienne Belgique
06 December                Volklingen, Germany                               Sportshalle
07 December                Augsburg, Germany                                Schwabenhalle
09 December                Lichtenfels, Germany                              Stadthalle
10 December                Hannover, Germany                                Music Hall
11 December                Furth, Germany                                        Stadthalle
12 December                Freiburg, Germany                                  Stadthalle
14 December                Dusseldorf, Germany                              Philipshalle
15 December                Hamburg, Germany                                 Docks
16 December                Hamburg, Germany                                 Docks
17 December                Bremen, Germany                                    Astoria
19 December                Offenbach, Germany                               Stadthalle
20 December                Benzheim, Germany                               Westadthalle
21 December                Heilbronn, Germany                                Harmonie
22 December                Ludwigshafen, Germany                        Eberthalle


Date                            Town/ Country                                         Venue


02 March                    Skanderborg, Denmark                          Skanderborg Festival (8000 people)
04 March                    Harlesden, London, England                 Mean Fiddler
05 March                    Harlesden, London, England                 Mean Fiddler
?? March                     Norwich, England                                   OvalAugust
?? March                     Glasgow, Scotland                                 King Tuts Wah Wah Hut


05 August                   London, England                                     Mean Fiddler



Date                            Town/ Country                                         Venue

Note: Dates updated Dec 2019 following sight of official band tour schedule


01 July                       Weiden, Germany                        Kulturzelt

02 July                       Bad Worishofen                           Eissporthalle

03 July                       Balingen, Germany                      Festival

04 July                       Ubach Palenberg, Germany       Festival

07 July                       Munich, Germany                        Tollwood Tent Olympic Park Munich (Open air festival)

09 July                       Nurnberg, Germany                     Festival
10 July                       Pirmasens, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany  Open air
17 July                       Cologne, Germany 
24 July                       Bremerhaven, Germany              Rock am Meer Open Air
29 July                       Rudkobing, Denmark                   Langelandsfestival (10000 people)
31 July                       Bastad, Sweden                           Norrivkens tragarder

06 August                Hamburg, Germany                      Stadtpark
07 August                Minden, Germany                         Stadfest, Markt

08 August                Zweibrucken, Germany               Flugplatz, 1st International Biker & Rock Festival
09 August                Stockholm, Sweden                     Slottsscenen (Water Festival) A floating stage by Stockholm's Royal Palace.

                                                                                           Perhaps this was the Swedish visit when the 'Noel In Sweden' story happened?

13-15 August          Norden, Germany                          Halbemond Stadium 1st International Biker & Rock Festival

18 September         Hausach, Black Forest, Germany            Clive Bunker's last gig



Date Town/ Country Venue
30 May  Stoke-on-Trent, England The Wheatsheaf.  (John Trotter's first gig)
31 May  Dudley, England The Robin 1
01 June  Newport, Wales The Filling Station
02 June  London, England Bottomline, Shepherd's Bush Empire, with Kickback
04 June  Nottingham, England Meadow Club
05 June  Southampton, England The Brook
16 June  Kiel, Germany Krusenkoppel
29 June  Clam, Austria Burg Clam, with Toto
03 July  Munich, Germany Tollwood Festival
05 July  Worms, Germany Open air, Worms Jazzt
07 July  Rastatt, Germany Open Air
12 July  Steinbach, Germany Naturtheater
13 July  Camenz, Germany Hutbergbuhn
14 July  Nurnberg, Germany Serenadenhof
20 July  Hannover, Germany Festival
21 July  Munich, Germany With Sweet
25 July  Tubingen, Germany  
27 July  Rudkobing, Denmark Langelandsfestival (15.000 people)
01 August  Trondheim, Norway Olavehallen
03 August  Helmsedal, Norway Fjellrock Festival
11 August  Vaduz, Lichtenstein Open Air
18 August  Neu Isenburg, Germany  
14 September  Birkelbach, Germany Erndtebruck, Sporthalle
15 September  Hamburg, Germany Grose Freiheit 36
16 September  Bremen, Germany Aladin
18 September  Offenbach, Germany Stadthalle
19 September  Mannheim, Germany Rosengarten
21 September  Lichtenfels, Germany Stadthalle
22 September  Berlin, Germany Neue Welt
24 September  Leipzig, Germany Haus Auensee
25 September  Augsburg, Germany Sporthalle
26 September  Tuttlingen, Germany Stadthalle
28 September  St Wendel, Germany Sporthalle
29 September  Stuttgart, Germany Filharmonie
30 September  Bonn, Germany Biskwithalle
01 October  Dortmund, Germany Ruhr Rock Halle
03 October  Norrkoping, Sweden Palace
04 October  Gothenburg, Sweden Metron Nöjeskrog & Vänthall
05 October  Halmstad, Sweden Hotell Mårtenson
07 October  Oslo, Norway Rockefellers
08 October  Skien, Norway  
10 October  Lappeenranta, Finland   Club Doris
11 October  Helsinki, Finland  Club Tavastia
13 October  Malmo, Sweden KB/Kulturbolaget
14 October  Copenhagen, Denmark Rock Amar
16 October  Pelange, Luxemborg  
18 October  Vienna, Austria Rockhaus
21 October  Zurich, Switzerland Volkhaus


Date             Town/ Country              Venue
21 January  Southampton, England The Brook
28 January  Rothis, Austria Kiew
22 February  Dudley, England The Robin 1
23 February  Shepherds Bush, London, England The Empire
16 May  Bad Reich, Germany  
17 May  Wernersgrün, Germany Brewery Garden
18 May  Reinstädt, Germany  Open air
30 May  Jelling, Denmark  
31 May  Kjellerup, Denmark  
20 June  Ulm, Germany  
21 June  Bonn, Germany Bundeskunstmuseum (Support was Still Collins) (Att: 3000)
25 June  Kiel, Germany  
26 June  Hildesheim, Germany  
27 June  Roderau, Germany  
28 June  Augsburg, Germany  
03 July  Paris, France  
04 July  Durlangen, Germany  Support White Africans
05 July  Lucerne, Switzerland  
11 July  Darmstadt, Germany  
12 July  Haiming, Germany  
18 July  Jena, Germany Kulturarena
19 July  Offenburg, Germany Open Air
20 July  Gurten, Switzerland  
24 July  Graz, Austria  
25 July  Wiessen, Austria  
26 July  Diemelsee, Germany Rock am See
27 July  Schwabisch, Germany  
01 August  Scoul, Switzerland  
02 August  Brienz, Switzerland  
03 August  Deinze, Belgium  
08 August  Basel, Switzerland  
09 August  Berlin, Germany  
15 August  ?, Norway  
16 August  Melhus, Norway  
17 August  Oslo, Norway  
22 August  ?, Germany  
23 August  Rottweil, Germany  
05 September  Pirmasens, Germany  
06 September  Rodelsee, Germany  
09 September  Nurnberg, Germany  
11 September  Kaufbeuren, Germany Support Lizard
12 September  Wernau, Germany Support Lizard
13 September  Cologne, Germany  
04 October  Chemnitz, Germany  
05 October  Cottbus, Germany  
06 October  ?, Germany  
07 October  Lübeck, Germany Kongress Halle
08 October  Efurth, Germany  
09 October  ?, Germany  
10 October  Hannover, Germany  


Date       Town/ Country   Venue
10 May  Dudley, England The Robin 1
22 May  Gerolfingen, Germany Zelt arn Sportplatz
23 May  Bad Kreuznach, Germany Roxheim Zelt
24 May  Nordenham, Germany Stadthalle
05 June  Southampton, England The Brook
06 June  Croydon, England Ashcroft Theater, Fairfield Halls
08 June  South Shields, England The Cellar
09 June  Dudley, England The Robin 1
10 June  Camden, London, England Dingwalls
12 June  Tübingen, Germany Zelt Festplatz
13 June  Eschwege, Germany Open Flair Festival
26 June  Dresden-Freital, Germany Bierbörse Glabbsmihle
27 June  Belzig, Germany Heinrich Rau Stadion
28 June  Zingst, Germany Freilichtbuhne
02 July  Munich, Germany Tollwood
03 July  Schweinfurt, Germany Postplatzfest
04 July  Hahn, Germany Airfield
05 July  Lauscha, Germany Festival
12 July  Freiburg, Germany Zeltfest
15 July  Schwaben, Germany Zelt Markt
18 July  Hannover, Germany Stadthallenparty
23 July  Kressbronn, Germany Zelt
24 July  Tuttlingen, Germany Festzelt
25 July  Giengen Stadthalle
31 July  Wiehl Open Air
02 August  Gunzenhausen Open Air
03 August  Wiesmoor Near Bremen, Germany Open Air Festival
8(?) August Kristiansand, Norway Open Air
14 August  Hanau Bruchkobel Zelt
15 August  Merkers Werrahalle
22 August  Bonn, Germany Festival
23 August  Bitburg, Germany Festival
28 August  Ludenscheid Open Air Festival
03 September  Nattheim Top of the Rock Festival
04 September  Hannoversch Münden Rock am Stein" festival
12 September  Erbach Zelt
15 October  Hamburg, Germany Große Freiheit
16 October  Emsdetten, Germany WDR Show


Date            Town/ Country            Venue
15 January  Munich, Germany  
22 April  Southampton, England The Brook
24 April  Dudley, England The Robin 1
01 May  Altenkirchen, Germany Zeltkulturenfestival
07 May  Leverkusen, Germany Forum
08 May  Koblenz, Germany Alte Markthalle
09 May  Aschaffenburg, Germany Colos-Saal
05 June  Kirchberg, Switzerland Amme Rock
10 June  Aathal, Zürich, Switzerland  
11 June  Pratteln, Switzerland Konzertfabrik
16 June  Baden Baden, Germany TV-Show "Ohne Filter"
17 June  Hildesheim, Germany Vier Linden
19 June  Freiburg, Germany Stadthalle
20 June  Nürnberg, Germany Serenadenhof
21 June  Kieler, Germany WocheKiel Sailing Festival
23 June  Salzburg, Austria Rockhaus
24 June  Innsbruck, Austria Hafen
25 June  Burg Clam, Austria Open air
26 June  Wien, Austria Donauinselfest
27 June  Knittelfeld, Austria Open air
01 July  Amsterdam, Zandam, Holland  
02 July  Glauchau, Germany  Alte Spinnerei
03 July  Unterempfenbach, Mr Mainburg, Germany  
16 July  Aich, Germany Zeltfest Zell
17 July  Sommerbühne, Germany Trier/ Excellenzhaus
18 July  Erfurt, Germany Thüringenhalle
24 July  Val Lumnetia Switzerland Open Air
30 July  Rijssen, Holland Lucky & Co
31 July  Malmedy, Belgium Festival
03 August  Ingolstadt, Germany Open Air
11 August  Lake Konstanz, Germany Open Air (free)
14 August  Speyer, Germany Technic Museum
09 September  Oslo, Norway Rockerfeller
10 September  Hell, Norway Festival
17 September  Soest, Germany Alter Schlachthof
18 September  Ludwigshafen, Germany  Friedrich-Ebert-Halle
24 September  Behringen near Gotha, Germany Kulturhaus
25 September  Merzig, Germany Stadhalle
27 September  Bochum, Germany Zeche
30 September  Leinfelden, Germany Filderhalle
01 October  Linkenheim, Germany Buergerhaus
02 October  Lohmar, Germany Jahrbachhalle
03 October  Braunschweig, Germany Meier Music Hall
22 October  Worpswede near Bremen, Germany Music Hall
23 October  Dueren, Germany Stadthalle
29 December  Mindelheim, Germany Zelt
30 December  Augsburg, Germany Spectrum
31 December  Muenchen, Germany Tollwood


Date          Town/ Country              Venue
25 March Southampton, England The Brook
26 March  Bilston, England Robin 2
30 March Heilbronn, Germany Altes E-Werk
31 March Dettelbach, Nr Wuerzberg Capitol, Mainfrankenpark
10 April  Koln, Germany Music Hall, WDR TV Show - Rockpalast (Jon Trotter's last gig) Link to Rockpalast website
28 April  Muenster, Germany Jovel (Richard Marcangelo's 1st gig)
29 April  Dieburg, Germany Ludwigshalle
30 April  Hettenrodt, Germany Hexenrock
06 May  Hamburg, Germany Hafenparty
07 May  Berlin, Germany Columbia Fritz
12 May  Hofheim, Germany Stadthalle
13 May  Kreta, Germany Open Air
20 May  Prum, Germany Festival
25 May  Nuernberg, Germany Hirsh
26 May  Blanckenloch near Karlsruhe, Germany Festhalle
27 May  Reutlingen, Germany Friedrich-List-Halle
31 May  Altenburg,Germany Sternenzelt
01 June  Budapest, Hungary  
03 June  Bratislava, Slovakia Kulturhaus
06 June  Graz, Austria Orpheum
08 June  Innsbruck, Austria Open Air
09 June  Regensburg, Germany Weibierstadl
10 June  Markt, Minden, Germany Stadtfest
11 June  Peine, Germany Niedersachsentag
22 June  Aarhus, Denmark The Train
23 June  Nibe, Denmark Festival
24 June  Copenhagen, Denmark Amager Bio
01 July  Frankfurt/Main, Germany Sound of Frankfurt, (live on Hessen-TV)
07 July  St.Poelten, Austria Open Air
08 July  Kerzers, Switzerland Festival
09 July  Mainz, Germany Zeltfestival Volkspark
14 July  Bocholt, Germany Open Air
15 July  Duisburg, Germany Open Air
16 July  Braunschweig, Germany Hoffest Brauerei Wolters
20 July  Augsburg, Germany Spectrum
21 July  Winterbach, Germany Zeltfest
28 July  Karlsruhe, Germany Hoepfner Summer Nights
29 July  Sissach, Switzerland  
02 August  Friedrichshafen, Germany Zelt
05 August  Hannover, Germany Expo
06 August  Lokeren, Belgium Festival
11 August  Borna nr. Leipzig, Germany Badfest
12 August  Rostock, Germany Hanse Sail
16 August  Bonn, Germany Museumsplatz
18 August  Fulda, Germany Museumhof
19 August  Mendig, Germany Open Air
08 September  Eschweiler Festival
22 September  Hagen Berlet-Halle
23 September  Lingen, Germany Emslandhallen
06 October  Nafels, Switzerland Festival
07 October  Pratteln, Switzerland Z 7
08 October  Herisau, Switzerland Casino
26 October  Koln, Germany "Secret gig"
28 October  Aschaffenburg, Germany Colos Saal
16 November  St. Petersburg, Russia  
18 November  Moscow Moscow
19 November  Moscow  
23 November  Southampton, England The Brook
24 November  Brigend, Wales Recreation Club
28 November  Ashton-under-Lyne, England Witchwood
29 November  Bradford, England Penningtons
09 December  Whitley Bay, England The Dome
10 December  Dudley, England Robin 1
16 December  Chiddingfold, England Chiddingfold Club


Date            Town/ Country                   Venue
26 January Friedrichshafen, Germany Biker-Weekend, Messe
02 March Kaiserslautern, Germany Kammgarn
03 March Magdeburg, Germany Rockmarathon, Stadthalle
22 April Samnaun,Switzerland Alp Trida
14 May StockholmBerwaldhallen (Polar Prize)  Manfred plays a solo for Robert Moog when the latter recieves the Polar Music Prize.
24 May Dietzenbach, Germany Hessentag
25 May Isernhagen, Germany Bluesgarage
26 May Delitzsch, Germany RAW-Kulturhaus
31 May Augsburg, Austria Spektrum
01 June Pfullendorf, Germany Zeltfest
02 June Fußgönheim, Germany Zeltfest
03 June Hanau, Germany Pfingstrock
04 June Kassel, Germany Stadtfest
08 June Hachenburg, Germany Bongo Bongo
20 June Ulm, Germany Ulmer Zelt
21 June Bochum, Germany  
23 June Meiningen, Germany Open Air am Rohrer Berg
28 June Wien, Austria Planet
30 June Klam, Austria  Burg Clam
02 July Konstanz, Germany Zeltfest, support Boyscout
07 July Morbach, Hunsrück, Germany Baldenau-Halle
08 July Köln, Germany E-Werk
12 July Paris, France Disneyland
13 July Etaples, France Festival
14 July Tuttlingen, Germany Honberg-Festival
15 July Luxemburg, Luxemburg Rock um Knüdler
19 July Oldenburg, Germany Kulturetage
21 July Samso, Denmark  
28 July Rengsdorf, Germany Rock-& Blues festival
29 July Salzgitter, Germany Zeltfestival
03 August Bad Krozingen, Germany Kurpark
04 August Karlsruhe, Germany Hoepfner Summer Nights
05 August Rüsselsheim, Germany Opelwerke
10 August Skanderborg, Denmark  
11 August Helsingborg, Sweden with Deep Purple 
12 August Copenhagen, Denmark   with Deep Purple
05 September Hannover, Germany Expo-Bahnhof
06 September Nürnberg, Germany Hirsch
07 September Rennbahn Krefeld, Germany Biebericher Halle
08 September Bünde, Germany Stadthalle
14 September Pratteln, Switzerland Z 7
15 September Schaan, Liechtenstein Rathausmarkt
01 November Oslo, Norway Rockefeller
03 November Bodo, Norway ~Nordlandshallen
15 November Zoetermeer, Holland De Boerderij
16 November Stadskanaal, Holland Stadskanaal
17 November Hardenberg, Holland Podium
18 November Verviers, Belgium Spirit of 66
06 December Erfurt, Germany Gewerkschaftshaus
07 December Leipzig-Mölkau, Germany Gasthof Zweinaundorf
08 December Leipzig-Mölkau, Germany Gasthof Zweinaundorf
09 December Aschaffenburg, Germany Colos-Saal
18 December Leer, Germany Zollhaus
19 December Hamburg, Germany Fabrik
20 December Hildesheim, Germany Vier Linden
21 December Reichenbach near Stuttgart, Germany H2O-Halle Reichenbach web site
22 December Bendorf near Koblenz, Germany Weihnachtsrock


Date       Town/ Country       Venue
03 May  Losheim, Germany Eisenbahnhalle
04 May  Linkenheim, Germany Buergerhaus
05 May  Fischbach, Friedrichshafen, Germany Bahnhof
06 May  Augsburg, Germany Spectrum
07 May  Mainz, Germany Kulturzentrum
08 May  Solingen, Germany Cobra
10 May  Cloppenburg, Germany Stadthalle
11 May  Worpswede, Germany Music Hall
18 May  Affalter Nr Zwicke, Germany Linde
19 May  Barby, Germany Rautenkranz
20 May  Esslingen, Germany Stadtfest, Hafenmarkt
01 June  Bad Salzuflen, Germany Messezentrum
07 June  Solvesborg, Sweden Swedish Rock
08 June  Nordborg, Denmark Nordal Festival
09 June  Stuttgart, Germany Free Festival
14 June  Escherschausen, Germany Rocknacht-Scheune
15 June  Lehmke bie Uelzen, Germany Rock im Bad
21 June  Oslo, Norway Romerrigets Fetival
22 June  Aarborg, Germany Kloften Festival
25 June  Kiel, Germany Keiler Woche
27 June  Feldbach, Austria Feldbach
28 June  Wiessen, Austria Wiessen Festival
29 June  Burg Klam, Austria Burg Klam
 30th June Regensburg, Germany  
04 July  Lorsch, Germany Zeit
05 July  Heilbronn, Germany Gaffenbergfestival
06 July  Furstenfeldbruck, Germany Klosters
07 July  Worgl, Austria Kulturzeit
11 July  Losheim am See, Germany Open air with Toto and Al de Meola
13 July  Koln, Germany Free Festival
20 July  Bedburg-Hau, Germany Schloss Moyland
25 July  Wolfegg, Germany Biker Festival
26 July  Obergubzburg, Germany Go In
27 July  Appenzeil, Switzerland Postplatz
28 July  Bonn, Germany Free Open Air
03 August  Tromso, Norway Tromso
10 August  Erfurt, Germany Thuriagen Park
15 August  Randers, Denmark Justesens Plaene
17 August  Rotenhein, Germany Festival
31 August  Hannover, Germany Rathausmarkt, Pete May's last gig
17 October  Zaandam, Netherlands De Kadein
18 October  Zoetermeer, Netherlands De Boerderij
19 October  Hardenberg, Netherlands Podium
20 October  Bommelscheuer, Luxemburg Hall Sportif
21 November  Paderborn, Germany  
23 November  Herxheim, Germany Festhalle
27 November  Milton Keynes, England The Stables
28 November  Dudley, England The Robin 1
29 November  Chiddingfold, England Chiddingfold Blues Club
30 November  Southampton England The Brook
10 December  Kulturfabrik, Germany Mechernich
11 December  Lingen/ Ems, Germany Saal Wilhelmshohe
12 December  Hamburg, Germany Fabrik
13 December  Bonn, Germany Presseballe (Private gig)
14 December  Iserlohn, Germany Stadthalle
15 December  Oldenburg, Germany Ziegelbau
17 December  Offenburg, Germany Stadthalle
18 December  Zwingenberg, Germany Stadthalle
19 December  Wallduern, Germany Nibelungenhalle
20 December  Pforzheim (Oberderdingen), Germany Turnhalle
21 December  Munich, Germany Muffathalle


Date          Town/ Country           Venue
01 March  San Sebastian, Spain Polideportivo Anoeta
25 March  Bregenz, Austria Support to Status Quo
26 March  St.Polten, Austria  
28 March  Aalen, Germany  
29 March  Emden, Germany Nordseehalle
30 March  Hannover, Germany Capital Theatre
01 April  Dusseldorf, Germany Phillipshalle, Support to Status Quo
18 April  Athens, Greece  
19 April  Thessaloniki, Greece  photos
24 April  Darmstadt, Germany Central Station
25 April  Osnabruck, Germany Hyde Park
26 April  Karlsruhe, Germany Festhalle Durlach
27 April  Pratteln, Switzerland Z7 Club
28 April  Aschaffenburg, Germany Colos Saal
30 April  Hettenrodt, Germany Hexenrock Festival
01 May  Glachau, Germany Alte Spinnererei
06 May  Copenhagen, Denmark Amager Bio
07 May  Arhus, Denmark Musikhuset
30 May  Muenster, Germany Eurocity Festival
31 May  Eschwege, Germany Festival
05 June  Solingen, Germany Cobra
06 June  Siegen, Germany Kultun Pur
07 June  Lubeck, Germany Harbour
08 June  Obermachatal, Germany Zeitfest
19 June  Rankweil, Austria Altes Kino
20 June  Silz, Austria  
21 June  Kunzelsau, Germany Open Air
27 June  Lichtenvoorde, Holland  Festival tent
28 June  Dinkslaken, Germany Stadthalle
05 July  Sandejford, Norway Hjertnes Amfi
19 July  Dusseldorf, Germany Open Air
20 July  Perach, Germany Open Air
26 July  Hamburg, Germany Baakenhafen
15 August  Rotweil, Germany Ferienzauber
16 August  Braunschweig, Germany  An der Martinikirche
13 September  Heilsbronn, Getmany Kulturfest
29 November  Haarlem, Holland Patronaat
30 November  Tilburg, Holland 013
09 December  Moscow, Russia  
10 December  St Petersburg, Russia Great Concert Hall Oktyabrsky
12 December  Regensburg, Germany Kulturspeicher am Hafen
13 December  Muehldorf am Inn, Germany Stadtsaal
14 December  Augsburg, Germany Spectrum Musikclub
15 December  Hamburg, Germany Fabrik
17 December  Hildesheim, Germany 4 Linden
18 December  Neu-Isenburg, Frankfurt, Germany Hugenottenhalle
19 December  Krefeld, Germany Kulturfabrik
20 December  Speyer, Germany Halle 101


Date          Town/ Country    Venue
09 March  Bilston, England Robin 2, with Meera Fe
10 March  Milton Keynes, England The Stables, with Meera Fe
11 March  Southampton, England The Brook, with Meera Fe
12 March  Pontypridd, Wales Municipal Arts Centre, with Meera Fe
15 March  London, England The Underworld, with Meera Fe
02 April  Oslo, Norway Rockefeller
03 April  Lillehammer, Norway Lillehammer Blues Festival
Saturday, 17 April Hannover, Germany Preussag Arena (CANCELLED)
07 May  Koblenz, Germany Markthalle Schlachtoff
08 May  Vacha, Germany Vachwerk Festival
09 May  St Leon Rot, Germany Harres
11 May  Aschaffenburg, Germany Colossal
12 May  Nurnberg, Germany Hirsch
13 May  Darmstadt, Germany Central Station
14 May  Saarbrucken, Germany Garage
15 May  Lennestadt, Germany Sauerlandhalle
21 May  Haifa, Israel Congress Hall
22 May  Tel Aviv, Israel Hanger 11 
03 June  Dinslaken, Germany  
04 June  Aurich, Germany Stadthalle
12 June  Guestrow, Germany Freilichtbuhne
19 June  Heilbronn, Germany Stadion
25 June  Aachen Katschof, Germany  
26 June  Berlin, Germany Kindl Buehne Wulheide
02 July  Uster, Nr Zurich, Switzerland Open Air DP SQ
03 July  Vienna, Austria Festival, Coburger Schlossplatz, with Gary Howard, Bap and The Scorpions
04 July  Piberstein nr.Graz, Austria Festival
09 July  Wetteren (Dassveld), Belgium Football Club Staandard
10 July  Bocholt, Germany As support to Santana, Stadion Am Hunting, support to Santana
16 July  Proerring, Germany Open Air
17 July  Calw, Germany Marktplaz
23 July  Glachau, Germany Alte Spinneri Open Air
24 July  Dexheim, Germany Zeit Fest
30 July  Island of Amrum, Germany Festival
05 August  Riegel, Nr Freiburg, Germany Festival
07 August  Aarschot, Belgium  
08 August  Colmar, France  
02 October  Karlsruhe, Germany Schwarzwaldhalle, support for Status Quo
03 October  Halle/ Westfallen, Germany Gerry-Weber-Center, support for Status Quo
16 October  Solingen, Germany Cobra
17 October  Amsterdam, Holland Kada
16 November  Bergen, Norway  
17 November  Stavanger. Norway  
27 November  Bremen, Germany Stadthalle (CANCELLED)
03 December  Hameln, Germany Sumpfblume
04 December  Kellinghusen, Germany Zelt, oberer Marktplatz
05 December  Koln, Germany Music Hall
06 December  Hamburg, Germany Fabrik
08 December  Paderborn, Germany Capitol
09 December  Kaiserlauten, Germany Kammgam
10 December  Worpswede, Germany Musical Hall
11 December  Giessen, Germany Hessenhalle
15 December  Weinstadt-Endersb, Germany Mavi-Halle
16 December  Munich, Germany Muffathalle
18 December  Heidenheim, Germany Karl Rau Halle
19 December  Pratteln, Switzerland Z7


Date             Town/ Country   Venue
17 January  Vienna, Austria Planet Music
26 January  Innsbruck, Austria Hafen
28 January  Friedrichshafen, Germany Festival
11 March  Istres/ Aries, France Usine
12 March  Nice, France Theatre Lino Ventura
14 March  Paris, France Olympia
15 March  Lille, France Aeronef
15 April  Wittenberge, Germany Festpielhaus
16 April  Zwickaw, Germany Stadhalle
17 April  Levekusen, Germany Arenabuhne LaGa
26 April  Aschaffenburg, Germany Colo-saal
27 April  Nabburg, Germany Kitchen Club
28 April  Augsburg, Germany Specktrum
29 April  Berne, Switzerland Bea Nights Festival (with Uriah Heep & Procul Harum)
01 May  Osnabruck, Germany Hyde Park
03 May  Mannheim, Germany Maimarkt
04 May  Trier, Germany Excellenhaus
21 May  Roselare, Germany Schwungfestival

10 June  Obergunzburg, Germany Go In
11 June  Plauen, Germany Malzhaus
17 June  Koblenz, Germany Lorely Festival Open Air, '3 Days of Love & Peace', Freilichtbuhne
18 June  Kiel, Germany Keiler Wiche
19 June  Wuppertal, Germany Waldbuhne
23 June  Offenburg, Germany Messehalle, with Canned Heat, Country Joe and The Fish, Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly and Nazareth
24 June  Erfurt, Germany Thuringhalle, with same acts as previous day
08 July  Paks, Hungary Gastroblues Festibval
09 July  Pforzheim, Germany SWR Buhne
10 July  Bonn, Germany Museumplatz
15 July  Herlikofen, Germany Festival
16 July  Brietenbach, Germany Zeitfest
22 July  Langesund, Norway Wrighteegarden
23 July  Fredrikstad, Norway Open Air
30 July  Berlin, Germany Waldbuhne (as part of premier for Herbie premiere).
05 August  Siegen, Germany Open Air
06 August  Coburg, Germany Open Air
13 August  Zofingen, Switzerland Heitere Open Air
14 August  Burg Clam, Clam, Austria Open Air
19 August  Nr St Gallen, Switzerland Tufertschwill Fetsival
27 August  Mossingen, Germany Open Air
23 October  Bucharest, Romania Sala Palatului, UN 60th anniversary concert
27 October  Leer, Germany Zollhaus
28 October  Euskirchen, Germany City Forum
29 October  Dinslaken, Germany Stadthalle
04 November  Haugesund, Norway Byscenen
05 November  Kristiansand, Norway Festival
06 November  Oslo, Norway Rockerfeller
11 November  Worpswede, Germany Muscihall
12 November  Eindhoven, Holland Schijndel, support for Status Quo.
17 November  Krefeld, Germany Kulturfabrik
18 November  Worpswede, Germany Musichall
19 November  Affalter (nr Chemnitz, Germany) Gastof zur Linde


Date          Town/ Country           Venue
24 March  Pratteln, Switzerland Z7
25 March  Gruesch, Switzerland Ski Resort
26 March  Bern, Switzerland Bierhubeli
31 March  Munich, Germany Muffathalle
01 April  Geseke, Germany Stadthalle
02 April  Sollingen, Germany Getaway
06 April  Merzig, Germany Stadthalle
07 April  Roth, Germany Bluestage
08 April  Gera, Germany Kongteshalle
26 April  Ulm, Germany  
25 May  Rostock, Germany IGA Park, With Status Quo
26 May  Steinach, Germany  
01 June  Bamberg, Germany With Status Quo
02 June Hessich-Lichtenau, Germany With Status Quo
04 June  Butzbach, Germany  
05 June  Berlin, Germany Kindl-Buhne Wuhlheide (with Status Quo)
08 June  Rudesheim, Germany Magic Bike Rally
28 June  Kristiansund, Norway Tahiti Festivalen
30 June  Alesund, Norway Rica Parken Hotell
01 July  Forde, Norway Festplassen
08 July  Huttwil, Switzerland Nationales Sportzentrum (broadcast on Swiss TV)
21 July  Moenchengladbacj, Germany With Sweet
22 July  St.Polten, Austria - 'Lovely Days Festival', with The Who, Billy Idol, Gary Moore, Iron Butterfly, Country Joe And The Fish

                                                  and Wuilli Restarits.

28 July  Tuttlingen, Germany  
29 July  Bad Krozingen, Germany Kurpark
04 August  Langessund, Norway Wrightegaarden
05 August  Moss, Norway Parkfestivalen
24 September  Milton Keynes, England The Stables
27 September  Southampton, England The Brook
28 September  Bilston, England The Robin 2
30 September  Durrholz, Germany Logistikzentrum
02 October  Bechhofen, Germany Zelt
16 November  Zaporoshje, Ukraine Palace Of Sport
18 November  Donesk, Ukraine Junost Palace
19 Novemver Kiev, Ukraine Palace Of Sport
30 November  Wuppertal, Germany Boerse
01 December  Bad Salzschlirf,, Germany Kulturkessel
02 December  Karlsruhe, Germany Schwarzwaldhalle
03 December  Augsburg, Germany Spectrum
07 December  Braunschweig, Germany Jolly Joker
08 December  Worpswede, Germany Music Hall
15 December  Winterbach, Germany Mehrzweckhalle
16 December  Mainz, Germany Alte Lokhalle


Date          Town/ Country           Venue
09 March  Osnabruck, Germany Rosenhof
10 March  Stollberg, Germany Stadthalle
11 March  Augsburg, Germany Spektrum
14  March St. Leonroth, Germany Harres
15 March  Aschaffenburg, Germant Colosaal
16 March  Munster, Germany Stadthalle
17 March  Muelheim, A.D. Ruhr, Germany R.W.E. Halle
31 March  Arosa, Switzerland You Tube Link
1 April Pratteln, Switzerland Z7 Club
11 April  Luneberg, Germany Vamos Music Club
12 April  Hildesheim, Germany Vier Linden
13 April  Hamburg, Germany Fabrik
14 April  Ilshofen, nr Stuttgart, Germany Ton Radio Festival
25 May  Lillehammer, Norway Festival
01 June  Kristiansund, Norway  
02 June  Kopervik, Norway  Festplassen
03 June  Bergen , Norway  
08 June  Rjukan Giestegard, Norway Festival
09 June  Sandefjord, Norway  
17 June  Potsdam, Germany Played instead of ZZ Top
23 June  Markranstadt, nr Leipzig, Germany Open Air
24 June  Kiel, Germany Kieler Woche
08 July  Peine, Germany Open Air
09 July  Kassel, Germany Zeltfest
13 July  Ritterhude, Germany Open Air
14 July  Walterhausen, Germany Open Air
26 July  Bad Reichenhall, Germany Magazin 4
27 July  Seebronn, Germany Rock Of Ages
28 July  Herxheim, Germany  
29 July  Mildenheim, Germany BR Cycle Race
03 August  Gronau, Germany  
04 August  Schneeborg, Germany  
22 September  Harelbeke, Belgium Heralbeke Classic Rock and Blues Festival 2007
05 October  Copenhagen, Denmark Amager Bio
06 October  Middelfart, Denmark Middlefarthallen
07 October  Soendergborg, Denmark Statsskolen
12 October  St Inbergt, Germany Stadthalle
13 October  Wendlingen, Germany Zeltfest
14 October  Solingen, Germany getaway
25 October  Bocholt, Germany Brauhaus
26 October  Weisbaden, Germany Stadthalle
27 October  Lennestadt, Germany Sauerlandhalle (Geoff Dunn's last gig)


Date             Town/ Country           Venue
13 January  Gothenburg, Sweden Cancelled
14 January  Oslo, Norway Cancelled
12 March  Ulm, Germany Cancelled
14 March  Lohmar, Germany Cancelled
21 March  Hamburg, Germany Cancelled
26 March  Cham, Germany Cancelled
03 May  Solden, Austria Ski Resort
07 May  Wintherthur, Switzerland Garden Club
08 May  Reinach, Switzerland Glashaus
09 May  Luxembourg L'Attelier
11 May  Ghent, Belgium Bijloke
12 May  Maastricht, Holland Pink Pop Clasic festival
22 May  Sandes, Norway Classic Rock Testival
29 May  Zoetermeer, Holland Club Bordeji (Geoff Dunn filled in for Jimmy Copley)
30 May  Alem, Holland Alempop Festival, special guests to Status Quo (Geoff Dunn filled in for Jimmy Copley)
14 June  Nordhausen, Germany Open Air (Geoff Dunn filled in for Jimmy Copley)
01 June  Kloften, Denmark Kloften Festival (Geoff Dunn filled in for Jimmy Copley)
04 July  Ellwangen, Germany Zeltfest
05 July  Berlin, Germany Open Air
18 July  Ansbach, Germany Open Air
19 July  Pressath, Germany Open Air
20 July  Clam, Austria Open Air
25 July  Plauen, Germany Open Air
26 July  Bad Durrheim, Germany Open Air
27 July  Hanau, Germany Ampitheater, supporting The Hooters and Steve Lukather
16 August  Homberg Saarland, Germany Open Air Homberg Brewery
22 August  Dudenhofen nr Speyer Open Air
23 August  Eisenhuttenstadt, Germany Open Air
30 August  Verviers, Belgium Open Air
05 September  Vienna, Austria Donauinselfest (Danuibefestival), Noel McCalla suffers heart attack.  Appeared with many other acts
30 October  Augsburg, Germany Specktrum
31 October  Morbach, Germany Stadthalle
01 November  Koblenz, Germany Rhein Mosel Halle
02 November  Berlin, Germany Tempodrom (opening for Status Quo, rescheduled for 09/11/08)
07 November  Braunchweig, Germany VW Halle, special guest to Status Quo
08 November  Koln, Germany Palladium, special guest to Status Quo
09 November  Berlin, Germany Tempodrom, special guest to Status Quo
11 November  Rostock, Germany Stadthalle, special guest to Status Quo
12 November  Dresden, Germany Kulturpalast, special guest to Status Quo
14 November  Biberach, Germany Stadthalle, special guest to Status Quo
20 November  Pratteln (Nr Basle), Switzerland Z7
21 November  Teningen, Germany Jahnhalle
22 November  Heidenheim, Germany Karl Diehm Halle
26 November  Munich, Germany Mufthalle
27 November  Reichenbach, Germany Die Halle
28 November  Giessen, Germany Hessenhalle
29 November  Spergau, Gemany Jarhunderthalle
12 December  Brighton, England Brighton Centre, special guest to Status Quo
13 December  London, England Wembley Arena, special guest to Status Quo
14 December  Glasgow, Scotland SECC, special guest to Status Quo
16 December  Aberdeen, Scotland EXCC, special guest to Status Quo
17 December  Sheffield, England Arena, special guest to Status Quo
19 December  Nottingham, England Arena, special guest to Status Quo
20 December  Cardiff, Wales Arena, special guest to Status Quo
22 December  Birmingham, England NEC, special guest to Status Quo
23 December  Bournemouth, England BIC, special guest to Status Quo


Date          Town/ Country  Venue
12 March  Ulm, Germany Theatro
13 March  Eich, Germany Altrheinhalle
14 March  Lohmar, Germany Jabachhalle
19 March  Worpswede, Germany Musichall
20 March  Worpswede, Germany Musichall
21 March  Hamburg, Germany Colorline Arena, Rock Classics Festival
26 March  Cham, Nr Lucerne, Switzerland Lorensaal
27 March  Fahrweid - Weiningen, Switzerland Kulturzentrum Fohreweidi
28 March  Stein an der Traun, Germany Felsenkeller
07 May  Aschaffenburg Colosssaal
08 May  Bad Sooden - Allendorf, Germany Congresshalle
09 May  Fuessen, Germany Musiktheatre
10 May  Augsburg, Germany Spektrum
15 May  Bad Arolsen, Germany Outback
21 May  Wetzkon, Switzerland Biker Festival
28 May  Prague, Czech Republic Retro
29 May  Regensburg, Germany Zeltfest
30 May  Bad Urach, Germany Open Air
26 June  Vienna, Austria Danube Festival
27 May  Retznei Styria, Austria Stadtfest
03 July  Twistringen, Germany Reload Festival
04 July  Celle, Germany Open Air
05 July  Lorsch, Germany Zeltfest
17 July  Rheinach nr Bonn, Germany Open Air
18 July  Weingarten nr Ravensburg Classic Rock Festival
24 July  Oschersleden, Germany Classic Rock Festival
25 July  Pyras, Germany Open Air
31 July  Treungen, Norway Festival (*Gavin Conder lead vocals filling in for Noel McCalla)
01 August  Engerdal, Norway Engerdalsdagene (*Gavin Conder lead vocals filling in for Noel McCalla)
06 August  Kelheim, Germany Bavarian Bike Race
07 August  Steinbach/ Langenbach Open Air
08 August  Eisenberg/ Pfalz, Germany Open Air (Cancelled)
21 August  Gottingen, Germany Open Air
22 August  Hagen, Germany Open Air (Noel's final regular MMEB appearance, except when filling in for Pete Cox)
19 October  Southampton, England The Brook (Pete Cox's first gig)
23 October  Kristiansand, Norway Dark Season Festival
24 October  Jevnaker, Norway Hard Rock Club
18 November  Neustadt/Aisch, Germany  
19 November  Bad Sackingen Gloria Theatre
20 November  Bad Rappenau, Germany with Uriah Heep
21 November  Krefeld, Germany Classic Rock Festival, with Uriah Heep
26 November  Munich, Germany Tohalle, with Uriah Heep
27 November  Alsfeld, Germany Hessenhalle, with Uriah Heep
28 November  Bad Kreuznach, Germany Stadthalle, with Uriah Heep

03 December  Rammstein, Germany Haus des Burgers
04 December  Losheim, Germany Eisenbahnhalle
05 December  Bitburg, Germany Stadthalle
17 December  Kempten, Germany Big Box, with Uriah Heep
18 December  Reichenbach, Germany Die Halle
19 December  Salzburg, Austria Gusswerk, with Uriah Heep


Date              Town/ Country          Venue
25 February  Stockholm, Sweden Debaser
26 February  Gothenburg, Germany Tradgaam
27 February  Arhus, Denmark The Train
28 February  Cpenhagen, Denmark Amager Bio
04 March  Zoetermeer, Holland Boerderij
05 March  Zwolle, Holland Hedon
06 March  Uden, Holland De Nieuwe Pul
07 March  Verviers, Belgium Spirit 66
08 March  Gent, Belgium Artcube
25 March  Herisau, Switzerland Casino
26 March  Siggental - Station, Switzerland Silex Go Easy
27 March  Sélestat near Colmar, France La Tanzmatten
31 March  Cleon near Rouen, France La Traverse
02 April  Leffrinckouke near Dunkerque, France La Poudriere (Gig postponed following Jimmy Copley's collapse on stage)
03 April  Paris, France Bobino
29 April  Bad Sackingen, Germany Gloria Theatre
Friday, 30 April Offenburg, Germany Stadthalle
01 May  Simbach, Germany Lokhalle
08 May  Neckarwestheim, Germany Reblandhalle
12 May  Paderborn, Germany Capitol
13 May  Uelzen, Germany Jawelmannhalle
14 May  Speyer, Germany Halle 101
15 May  Freising, Germany Stadthalle
04 June  Dornstadt, Germany Open Air
05 June  Gunzburg, Germany Open Air Markplatz
11 June  Gelsenkirchen, Germany Open Air
26 June  Rapperswil, Switzerland Blues & Jazz Festival
09 July  Clam, Austria Open air with Toto (Noel McCalla filled in for Pete Cox)
10 July  Wiessen, Austria "Lovely Days Festival" with Toto (Noel McCalla filled in for Pete Cox)
16 July  Gummersbach, Germany Open air (Noel McCalla filled in for Pete Cox)
17 July  Ghent, Belgium City Festival (Noel McCalla filled in for Pete Cox)
30 July  Schwabisch Gmund, Germany Open air with Foreigner
31 July  Tambach, Germany Tambach Sommer
06 August  Lichtensteig, Switzerland Festival
07 August  Brienz, Switzerland Festival
20 August  Hildesheim, Germany Zeltfest (Noel McCalla filled in for Pete Cox)
21 August  Dormagen, Germany Open Air (Noel McCalla filled in for Pete Cox)
22 August  Rotteil, Germany Kaftwerk (Noel McCalla filled in for Pete Cox)
18 September  Mossantal/ Odenwald, Germany Open Air
28 October  Moscow, Russia B1 Club
29 October  St Petersburg, Russia Lensovet Theatre
03 November  Alsdorf, Germany Stadthalle (Cancelled)
04 November  Hamburg, Germany Fabrik (Cancelled)
05 November  Worpswede, Germany Musichall (Cancelled)
06 November  Worpswede, Germany Musichall (Cancelled)
18 November  Augsburg, Germany Spektrum (Cancelled)
19 November  Bamberg, Germany Jako Arena (Cancelled)
26 November  Prague, Czech Republic Retro (Cancelled)
27 November  Zlin, Czech Republic Dum Kultury (Cancelled)
28 November  Bratislava, Clovenia Dum Kultury (Cancelled)


Date             Town/ Country           Venue
29 January  Pratteln, Switzerland Z7
30 January  Augsburg, Germany Spektrum (Pete Cox's last gig - replaced 18/11/10 concert)
30 March  Worpswede, Germany Music Hall (Robert Hart's first gig)
31 March  Worpswede, Germany Music Hall
29 April  Mosbach, Germany Stadthalle
30 April  Schopfheim, Germany Stadthalle
13 May  Leoben, Austria Stadthalle
14 May  Chiemsee, Germany Badehaus
21 May  Helmstedt, nr Braunschweig, Germany Mairock, Schutzenhaus
27 May  Feldkirchen -Kaernten, Austria Stadthalle
28 May  Pukersdorf. near Vienna, Austria Open Air
17 June  Hamburg, Germany Fabrik
18 June  Kamen, Germany Open Air
24 June  Lorely, Germany Open Air
25 June  Leipzig, Germany Dessau Arena
15 July  Bronnoysund, Norway Roots Festival
22 July  Ersingen/ Pforzheim, Germany Festzelt/ Sportplatz
23 July  Prattling, Germany Open Air
19 August  Dormagen, Germany Open Air
20 August  Spalt, Germany Open Air
26 August  Arbon, Switzerland Summer Days Festival
07 October  Ebersbach, Germany Oberlausitzer Konzert- und Veranstaltungshaus
09 October  Aschaffenburg, Germany Colossaal
14 October  Leinfelden, Germany Filderhalle
15 October  Sennfeld/Schweinfurt, Germany Frankenhalle
28 October  L-Esch-sur-Alzette, Germany Rockhal Club
29 October Zweibruecken, Germany Westpfalzhalle
04 November  Ternitz, Austria Town Hall
05 November  Basd Reichenhall, Germany Magazin
18 November  Herford, Germany Museum
19 November  Oldenburg, Germany Kultustage
02 December  Friedberg, Germany Stadthalle
03 December  Phillipstahl, Germany Kreuzberghalle
16 December  Memmingen, Germany Kaminwerk
17 December  Munchen, Germany Muffathalle
18 December  Nurnberg, Germany Hirsch


Date          Town/ Country        Venue
09 March  Morbach, Germany Baldenauhalle
10 March  Lohmar, Germany Jabachhalle
15 March  Bieberach, Germany Stadthalle with Barclays James Harvest
16 March  Heilbronn, Germany Harmonie with Barclays James Harvest
17 March  Solingen, Germany Festhalle Ohligs
30 March  Hamm, Germany Kurhaus
31 March  Paderborn, Germany Paderhalle
18 April  Stockholm, Sweden Debaser
19 April  Uppsala, Sweden Katalin
20 April  Oslo, Norway Rockerfellers
21 April  Esbjerg, Denmark Tobakken
22 April  Copenhagen, Denmark Amager Bio
27 April  Rosenheim, Germany Ballhaus
28 April  Karlsruhe, Germany Festhalle
29 April  Denzlingen, Germany Stadthalle
01 May  Bilston, England Robin 2
02 May  Southampton, England The Brook
03 May  London, England The Jazz Cafe
06 May  Milton Keynes, England The Stables
16 May  Reykjavik, Iceland Haskolabio
18 May  Prattelen, Switzerland Z7
19 May  Arnsberg, Germany Ruinenfest
25 May  Moscow, Russia Crocus City Hall
27 May  St Petersburg, Russia DK Lensoviet
30 June  Riga, Latvia Live Fest 2012
05 July  Langesund, Norway Wrightegaarden
07 July  Porto, Portugal Douro Rock and Blues Festivall
25 July  Vallemaggia, Swiss/Italian border, Switzerland Magic Blues Festival
26 July  Gleisdorf, near Graz, Austria The Forum
27 July  Vienna, Austria Afrika Festival
28 July  Bad Schallerbach, Austria Radio 00 Summer FestRadio 
05 August  Norderney Island, Germany Open Air
10 August  Stadtallendorf, Germany Open Air
11 August  Schwetzingen, Germany Open Air


06 October  Kopervik, Norway.  Big tent in town sentrum

18 October Worpswede, Germany Music Hall
19 October Worpswede, Germany Music Hall
20 October Heilsbronn, Germany Hohenzollernhalle
21 October Augsburg, Germany Spectrum (Manfred's birthday-gig)
23 October  Köln, Germany E-Werk
24 October Zurich, Switzerland Volkshaus
26 October Datteln, Germany Stadthalle
27 October Achern, Germany Hornisgrindhalle
06 December Ulm, Germany Theatro
07 December Wurzburg, Germany Posthalle

08 December Bern, Switzerland with Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, The Force
12 December Zoetermeer, Netherlands Boerderij
13 December Aschaffenburg, Germany Colossaal
14 December Winterbach, Germany Sallierhalle
15 December Hasselt, Belgium Muziekodroom

MMEB Tour Poster - 01 May 2012
MMEB Tour Poster - 01 May 2012


Date                   Town/ Country  Venue


February 25th  Inlagt den
22 March  Hamburg, Germany Fabrik
18 April  Olsberg, Germany Konzerthalle
14 June  Kassel, Germany Bühne Königsplatz
07 July  Tuttlingen, Germany Festivalzelt in der Ruine
29 August  Aalborg, Denmark Skråen i Nordkraft
07 September  St. Goarshausenv, Germany Freilichtbühne Loreley
10 September  London Jazz Cafe
11 September  Southampton The Brook
12 September  Milton Keynes The Stables
13 September  Bilston The Robin 2
14 September  Holmfirth Picturedrome
03 October  Elsinore, Denmark Kulturværftet
05 October  Oslo, Norway Rockefeller Music Hall
29 November  Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany 
30 November  Lennestadt, Germany Sauerlandhalle

01 December  Augsburg, Germany  Spectrum

06 December  Herisau, Germany 
19 December  Flensburg, Germany 
20 December  Bielefeld, Germany Ringlokschuppen
21 December  Leipzig, Germany 

Manfred Mann's Earth Band 2013
Manfred Mann's Earth Band 2013


Date       Town/ Country            Venue

03 April  Drammen, Norway Drammens Teater
04 April  Uppsala, Sweden Katalin
05 April  Copenhagen, Denmark Amager Bio
06 April  Aarhus, Denmark Train
11 April  Cologne, Germany Kantine
12 April  Karlsruhe, Germany Festhalle Durlach
26 April  Aurich, Germany Stadthalle
02 May  Simbach am Inn, Germany LOKschuppen
03 May  Winterbach, Germany  Salierhalle
09 May  Vienna, Austria Bank Austria Halle Gasometer
10 May  Spielberg, Austria Roter Saal
11 May  Brno, Czech Republic SONO
12 June  Lillestrøm, Norway Torvet
14 June  Rehau, Germany Wiesenfestplatz
28 June  Vechta, Germany Stoppelmarkt
04 July  Gossau, Switzerland Festzelt Bundwiese
05 July  Muri, Switzerland Klostergarten
18 July  Calw, Germany Marktplatz
25 July  Beaufort, Luxmbourg  Château de Beaufor
26 July  Göttingen, Germany  Kaiser-Wilhelm-Park
02 August  Smögen, Sweden Havsvallen
08 August  Trondheim, Norway Torvet
09 August  Brumunddal, Norway Festivalplassen
12 September  Kirchheimbolanden, Germany Römerplatz
13 September  Zoetermeer, Netherlands  De Boerderij
20 September  Mosjøen, Norway Circus Møller
09 October  Hamburg, Germany Fabrik,
10 October  Worpswede, Germany Music Hall
11 October  Krefeld, Germany Kulturfabrik
12 October  Wilhelmshaven, Germany Pumpwerk
17 October  Lauda-Königshofen, Germany Stadthalle
18 October  Münnerstadt, Germany Mehrzweckhalle
24 October  Ransbach-Baumbach, Germany Stadthalle
25 October  Halle, Germany Gerry Weber Event Halle,
22 November  Rheine, Germany Stadthalle
27 November  Kristiansand, Norway Kick
28 November  Nøtterøy, Norway Kulturhuset
29 November  Skien, Norway  Ibsenhuset
05 December  Solothurn, Switzerland Kulturfabrik Kofmehl
06 December  Sankt Anton am Arlberg, Austria Zielstadion
16 December  Speyer, Germany  Halle 101
17 December  Ulm, Germany Theatro
18 December  Munich, Germany Muffathalle
19 December  Crailsheim, Germany Hangar
20 December  Lüdenscheid, Germany Schützenhalle



Date               Town/ Country    Venue

06 February  Holmfirth, England Picturedrome
08 February  Minehead, England Giants of Rock Butlins Holiday Resort
25 March  Kaiserslautern, Germany Kammgarn
26 March  Kongresshalle,Bamberg, Germany Konzert- U
27 March  Bitburg, Germany Stadthalle
28 March  Losheim am See, Germany Eisenbahnhalle
30 March  Bilbao, Spain Sala BBK
09 April  Prague, Czech Republic Lucerna Music Bar
11 April  Wiener Neustadt, Austria Arena Nova
12 April  Budapest, Hungary Barba Negra Music Club
24 April  Bremen, Germany Aladin
25 April  Buchen, Germany Weinmann
26 April  Augsburg, Germany Spectrum
06 May  Berlin, Germany Admiralspalast
07 May  Warburg, Germany Stadthalle
08 May  Lünen, Germany Theatery
09 May  Gießen, Germany Hessenhalle
10 May  Osnabrück, Germany Rosenhof
29 May  Plauen, Germany Malzhaus-Open-Air
05 June  Norje, Sweden Norje Havsbad
20 June  Hamminkeln, Germany Thunderbike Joker

03 July  Frankfurt am Main, Germany Commerzbank Arena
17 July  Rosenheim, Germany Open Air Landesgartenschaugelande
23 July  Mannheim, Germany Alte Seilerei
24 July  Ellwangen, Germany Castle of Ellwangen
31 July  Monschau Castle, Germany Monschau Classics
01 August  Bad Krozingen, Germany Rock im Park
02 August  Seebronn, Germany Rock of Ages
05 August  Schaffhausen, Switzerland Stars in Town Festival
08 August   Skanderborg Festival
14 August  Askim, Norway Askimm Folkepark (Kraftfestivalen)
22 August  Linz, Austria Kronefest
11 September  Le Noirmont, Switzerland Le Chant du Gros Festival
12 September  Celle, Germany Lobetal Open Air
21 September  Tel Aviv, Israel Amphi Wohl
16 October  Dornbirn, Germany Conrad Sohm Music Club
17 October  Schemmerhofen, Germany Classic Rock Night, Stadthalle
18 October  Cologne, Germany Kantine
23 October  Stuttgart, Germany Schleyerhalle
SWR Radio Chart show  45 min set  
24 October  Sennfeld, Germany Frankenhalle
16 November  Zürich, Switzerland Kongresshaus
21 November  Copenhagen, Denmark Amager Bio
22 November  Oslo, Norway Rockerfellers
24 November  Helsinki, Finland Kulttuuritalo
24 November  Helsinki, Finland Kultuuritalo
11 December  Simmern, Germany Hunsrueckhalle
12 December  Wissen, Germany Kulturwerk
13 December  Bochum, Germany Zeche
14 December  Aschaffenburg, Germany Colossaal


Date             Town/ Country     Venue

19 January  Tel Aviv, Israel Reading 3 (Cancelled due to security fears)
01 February  Stockholm, Sweden Gota Lejon
02 February  Gothenburg, Sweden Lorensbergteatern
03 February  Malmo, Sweden Slagthuset
04 February  Frederiksvaerk, Denmark Gjethuset
05 February  Aarhus, Denmark The Train
26 February  Weert, Netherlands De Bosuil
27 February  Zoetermeer, Netherlands Boerderij
17 March  Munster, Germany Jovel
18 March  Kleve, Germany Stadthalle
19 March  Bad Lippspringe, Germany Stadthalle
20 March  Oldenburg, Germany Kulturetage
22 September  Baltoppen, Denmark Ballerup
23 September  Jönköping, Sweden Konserthuset
24 September  Uppsala, Sweden UKK
25 September  Norrköping, Sweden Louis De Geer
06 October  Pratteln  Z7
07 October  Dillingen/Saar, Germany Lokschuppen
08 October  Limburg, Germany Stadthalle
21 October  Sandnes, Germany Kulturhus
22 October   
28 October  Fuerth, Germany Stadthalle
29 October  Bensheim, Germany Musiktheater
30 October  Gotha, Germany Stadthalle
31 October  Wuppertal, Germany Live Club Barman
03 November  Crimmitschau, Germany Stadttheater
04 November  Fulda, Germany Orangerie
05 November  Offenburg, Germany Reithalle
23 November  Rheine, Germany Stadthalle
24 November  Soest, Germany Stadthalle
25 November  Coburg, Germany Kongresszentrum
26 November  Veitschoechheim, Germany Mainfrankensalle
01 December  Herford, Germany X
02 December  Cottbus, Germany Stadthalle
03 December  Neuruppin, Germany Kulturhaus
15 December  Karlsruhe, Germany Tollhaus
16 December  Stuttgart, Germany Longhorn
17 December  Kleinheubach/Miltenberg, Germany Hofgarten
18 December  Frankfurt, Germany Batschkapp
19 December  München, Germany  Muffathalle


Date               Town/ Country         Venue


15 February  Augsburg, Germany Spectrum
16 February  Ulm, Germany Theatro
17 February  Leipzig, Germany Haus Aunsee
25 February  Haugesund, Norway Festiviteten Theatre,
02 March  Ullensaker, Norway Kulturhaus
03 March  Drammen, Norway Teater
04 March  Bergen, Norway Ricks
20 April  Berlin, Germany Admiralpalast
21 April  Dresden, Germany Schlachthof
22 April  Weimar, Germany Weimarhalle
06 May  Mainhausen, Germany Zelt
30 June  Weilburg, Germany Festplatz Hainallee
08 July  Rutesheim, Germany Zeltfest
09 July  Freiburg, Germany Freiburg Festival
15 July  Gensingen, Germany Open Air
16 July  Georgsmariehutte, Germany Rosenhof on tour
23 July  Regensburg, Germany Piazza im Gewerbepark
16 August  Munich, Germany Brunnerhof
17 August  Bad Dürkheim, Germany Klosterruine Limburg
18 August  Burg Monschau, Germany Open Air
25 August  Arbon, Switzerland Summer Days Festival
26 August  Spiez, Switzerland Seaside Festival
09 September  Duisburg, Germany Opernplatz

23 September Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Show Cancelled - The poor presales and the huge TV production at the venue from the previous day are the two factors that are forcing us to cancel this concert.
18 October  Rastatt, Germany Badener Halle
19 October  Cologne, Germany Kantine
20 October  Bremen, Germany Aladin
25 October  Saarbrucken, Germany Garage
26 October  Esslingen am Neckar, Germany Osterfeldhalle
27 October  Nuremburg, Germany Hirsch
28 October  Laufen, Germany Salzachhalle
31 October  Basle, Switzerland Event Halle
09 November  Limbourg, Belgium Le Kursaal
23 November  Magdeburg, Germany AMO Kulturhaus
25 November  Rinteln, Germany Stadthalle
15 December  Schwerin, Germany Sport- und Kongresshalle
16 December  Erfurt, Germany Stadtgarten
17 December  Aschaffenburg, Germany Colos-Saal
18 December  Chemnitz, Germany Stadthalle


Date             Town/ Country   Venue

26 January  Frome, England The Cheese & Grain
27 January  Minehead, England Butlins
15 March  Magdeburg, Germany AMO
16 March  Berlin, Germany Ernst Reuter Saal
17 March  Rinteln, Germany Konzerthalle
22 March  Herisau, Switzerland Casino Herisau
23 March  Lyss, Switzerland Kufa
24 March  Zug, Switzerland Chollerhalle
05 April  Würzburg, Germany Posthalle
06 April  Wissen, Germany Kulturwerk
07 April  Tholey, Germany Kultur- und Sporthalle Theley
19 April  Worpswede, Germany Music Hall
20 April  Datteln, Germany Stadthalle
21 April  Euskirchen, Germany Cityforum
28 April  Bensheim, Germany Rex
29 April  Memmingen, Germany Kaminwerk
30 April  Schopfheim, Germany Stadthalle
01 June  Wilhelmshaven, Germany Pumpwerk
02 June  Bassum, Germany Open Air
15 June  Spain Stars del Mar 2018 - Mein Schiff 6
22 June  Hinwill, Switzerland Rock The Ring
30 June  Eisenstadt, Austria Schlosspark Esterházy Eisenstadt
07 July  Lillehammer, Norway Strandtorget Classic Rock Night
11 July  Tuttlingen, Germany Honberg Summer
12 July  Munich, Germany Tollwood Festival
13 July  Swarz nr Innsbruck, Austria Town Square
14 July  Debant bei Lienz, Austria Stadt Nussdorf
26 July  Dinslaken, Germany Fantastival
27 July  Braunschweig, Germany Volksbank BraWo Buehne auf dem Wolters-Hof
03 August  Geiselwind, Germany Bike and Music Weekend
04 August  Norderstadt-Mitte, Germany NDR Open Air
11 August  Duderstadt, Germany NDR Open Air


20 October Gera, Germany Kultur-und Kongresszentrum

21 October Halle, Germany Steintor Variete

22 October Berlin, Germany Verti Music Hall


01 November Ludwigsburg, Germany Scala

02 November Giessen, Germany Hessenhalle

03 November Menden, Germany  Wilhelmshohe

09 November Vallender, Koblenz, Germany Stadthalle

10 November Dillingen, Saar, Germany Lokschuppen

29 November Biel, Germany Theatre Palace

30 November Mosbach, Germany Alte Maeizerei


01 December Munster, Germany Jovel

06 December Augsburg, Germany Spectrum

07 December Roding, Germany Stadthalle

08 December Markneukirchen, Germany Warwick Music Hall


Date             Town/ Country   Venue

07 February Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany King
08 February Karlsruhe, Germany Festhalle Durlach


05 March Stockholm, Sweden Gota Lejon

06 March Gothenburg, Sweden Concerthus

07 March Helsingborg, Sweden Tivoli

08 March Aarhus, Denmark The Train

09 March Frederickshavn, Denmark Det Musiske Hus

15 March Bielefeld, Germany Lokschuoppen

16 March, Koln, Germany Die Kantine

17 March Bochum, Germany Zeche


25 April Hamburg, Germany Fabrik

26 April Bremen, Germany  Aladin Music Hall

27 April Brilon, Germany  Buergerzentrum, Kolpinghaus

28 April Osnabruck, Germany  Rosenhof


10 May, Uden, Netherlands  De Pul

11 May, Zoetermeer, Netherlands  Boerderij

12 May, Alkmaar, Netherlands  Victory

23 May, Aschaffenburg, Germany  Colos-Saal

24 May, Meiningen, Germany  Volskhaus

25 May, Wetzlar, Germany  Stadthalle


02 Jun, Luckenwalde, Germany  Berliner Rundfunk

20 Jun, Oslo, Norway.  OverOslo Festival (with Toto)

22 Jun, Copenhagen, Denmark.  Amager Bio

28 Jun, Neuleiningen, Germany.  Burg Neuleiningen

29 Jun, Kirchein unter Teck, Germany.  Rollschuhplatz Open Air


05 Jul, Wildhaus, Switzerland.  Wildhaus Open Air

06 Jul, Hamburg, Germany.  NDR Hamburg Open Air

19 Jul, Rheinbach, Germany.  Rheinbach Classics Open-Air with Glenn Hughes

21 Jul, Pratteln, Germany.  Z7 Summer Nights Open Air 

24 Jul, Nuremberg, Germany.  Serenadenhof, Nurnberg

25 Jul, Benheim, Germany.  The Rex

26 Jul, Bad Krozingen, Germany.  Kurpark - Musikpavillon

27 Jul, Neumunster, Germany.  NDR Open Air


08 Aug, Graz, Austria.  Schloßbergbühne Kasematten

09 Aug, Bildein, Austria.  Picture on Festival

11 Aug, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  Chateau Beaufort

24 Aug, Lichtaart, Belgium.  Festival


06 Sep, Munich, Germany.  Circus Krone Bau


03 Oct, Halden, Norway.   Brygga Kultursal

05 Oct, Karlstad, Sweden.  CCC

16 Oct, Bergen, Norway.   Grieghallen

17 Oct, Stavanger, Norway.  Konserthus

18 Oct, Lillestron, Norway.   Kultursenter

19 Oct, Trondheim, Norway.   Olavshallen


13 Nov, Leipzig, Germany.  Hans Auensee

14 Nov, Dresden, Germany.   Alter Schlacthof

15 Nov, Gotha, Germany.   Stadthalle


11 Dec, Singen, Germany.   Stadthalle

12 Dec, Heilbron, Germany.  Harmonie

13 Dec, Simmern, Germany.   Hunsruckhalle

14 Dec, Monheim, Germany.  Monheimer Kulturwerke



16 Jan, Bad Saeckingen, Germany.   Gloria

17 Jan, Mutterstadt, Germany.   Palatinum

18 Jan, Ingolstadt, Germany.   Eventhalle Westpark


07 Feb, Bern, Switzerland.   Bierhubeli

08 Feb, Lindau im Bodensee, Germany.  Inselhalle

09 Feb, Zurich, Switzerland.   Kaufleuten

14 Feb, Vechta, Germany.   VEC-Halle

15 Feb, Worpswede, Germany.   Musichall

16 Feb, Braunschweig, Germany.   Westand


25 Mar, Drammen, Norway.  Drammens Teater             - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions, rescheduled to 1 Oct

27 Mar, Kristiansand, Norway.   Kilden Konserthus      - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions, rescheduled to 3 Oct

28 Mar, Oslo, Norway.   Konserthus                                 - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions, rescheduled to 2 Oct


07 Apr, Zwickau, Germany.   Ballhaus                              - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

08 Apr, Erfurt, Germany.   Alte Oper                                  - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

09 Apr, Halle, Germany.   Handelhalle                               - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

30 Apr, Nieder-Olm, Germany                                             - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions


01 May, Koblenz, Germany                                                  - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

27 May, Sankt Ingbert, Germany                                        - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

28 May, Gronau (Bonn), Germany.   Burgerhalle              - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

30 May, Meckenheim, Germany.   Jungholzhalle            - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions


19 Jun, Imst, Austria.   Stadtpark                                       - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

20 Jun, Rottingen, Germany.   Burg Brattenstein             - Postpones due to Coronavirus restrictions


01 Jul, Tonsberg, Norway.   Foynhagen                             - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

03 Jul, Langesund, Norway.   Wrightegaarden                 - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

24 Jul, Bad Krozingen, Germany.   Kurpark.                     - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

25 Jul, Erlangen, Germany.   Dechsendorfer Weiher       - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

26 Jul, Esslingen am Neckar, Germany.   Esslinger Burg - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions


07 Aug, Tretten, Norway.   Skeikampenfestivalen           - Postponed due to Coronaviris restrictions

21 Aug, Bad Pyrmont, Germany.   Schlosshof                 - Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions


17 Oct, Alzey, Germany    Oberhaus                                    Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

27 Oct, Rostock, Germany    Stadthalle Rostock               Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions


10 Nov, Augsburg, Germany    Spectrum Club                  Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

11 Nov, Munich, Germany    Olympiahalle                         Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions

15 Nov, Frankfurt, Germany    Jahrhunderthalle               Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions


20 Dec, Hagen, Germany                                                      Postponed due to Coronavirus restrictions





24 Apr, Randers, Denmark                                                  Vaerket

25 Apr, Esbjerg, Denmark                                                   Musikhuset

27 Apr, Oslo, Norway                                                           Konserthus

28 Apr, Stavanger, Norway                                                 Kuppelhallen

29 Apr, Haugesund, Norway                                              Festiviteten


01 May, Odense, Denmark                                                 Posten

03 May, Copenhagen, Denmark                                        Amager Bio

04 May, Helsingborg, Sweden                                           Tivoli

22 May, Nurnberg, Germany                                              Serenardenhof

23 May, Augsburg, Germany                                             Spectrum

24 May, Aschaffenburg, Germany                                    Colossaal


03 Jun  Hamburg, Germany                                              Fabrik

04 Jun  Oldenburg, Germany                                            Kulturetage

05 Jun  Bochum, Germany                                                Zeche

15 Jun  Hagen, Germany                                                   Stadthalle

16 Jun  Kirchheimbolanden, Germany                            Stadthalle

17 Jun  Koblenz, Germany                                                Rhein Mosel Halle

18 Jun  St Ingbert/ Saarbrucken, Germany                    Stadthalle


06 Jul  Langesund, Norway                                              Wrightegaarden

07 Jul  Tonsberg, Norway                                                 Foynhagen

09 Jul  Nesbyen, Norway                                                  Hallingmarken

29 Jul  Burghausen, Germany                                          Open Air

30 Jul  Nr. Stuttgart, Germany                                         Seebronn Festival

31 Jul  Bad Krozingen, Germany                                     Open Air


01 Sep Wissen, Germany                                                  Kulturwerk

02 Sep Ahlen, Germany                                                     Stadthalle

03 Sep Schmallenberg  , Germany                                  Stadthalle

04 Sep Euskirchen, Germany                                           Stadtheater  (Bitburg date was cancelled)

28 Sep Frederikstad, Norway                                           Blaa Grotte

29 Sep Lillestrom, Norway                                               Kultursenter


01 Oct Kristiansand, Norway                                           Kilden

21 Oct Wurzburg, Germany                                              Posthalle

22 Oct Winterbach, Germany                                           Salierhalle

23 Oct Karlsruhe, Germany                                              Tollhaus


01 Nov Aalen, Germany                                                    Stadthalle

02 Nov Bensheim, Germany                                            Rex

03 Nov Memmingen, Germany                                       Kaminwerk


05 Dec Dusseldorf, Germany                                           Mitsubishi Halle (support to Status Quo)

07 Dec Erfurt. Germany                                                    Messehalle (support to Status Quo)

08 Dec Frankfurt Germany                                               Jahrhunderthalle (support to Status Quo)

10 Dec Stuttgart, Germany                                               Porsche Arena (support to Status Quo)

11 Dec Munich, Germany                                                 Olympiahalle (support to Status Quo)

13 Dec Hamburg, Germany                                              Gruenspan (support to Status Quo)

14 Dec Berlin, Germany                                                    Max Schmelling Arena (support to Status Quo)

16 Dec Hannover, Germany                                             Swiss Life Hall (support to Status Quo)

17 Dec Lingen, Germany                                                  Emsland Arena (support to Status Quo)

Gig Review - Wurzburg (21 Oct) & Winterbach (22 Oct).

The following review is in the current issue of R&R magazine (re-produced by kind permission)



03 Feb Zoetermeer, Netherlands                                  Boerderij

04 Feb Tielt, Netherlands                                               Patersdreef Festival, Europhal

05 Feb Weert, Netherlands                                            Bosuil


03 Mar Zug, Switzerland                                                Chollerhalle

04 Mar Tielt, SWitzerland                                               Patersdreef Festival, Europhal

05 Mar Weert, Switzerland                                             Bosuil


20 Apr Hamburg, Germany                                            Gruenspan

21 Apr Flensburg, Germany                                           Roxy

22 Apr Worpswede, Germany                                        Music Hall

23 Apr Neuruppin, Germany                                          Kulturhaus

29 Apr Toreboda, Sweden                                              Toreboda Festival, Ice Hall


09 May Gothenburg, Sweden                                         Lorensbergsteatern

10 May Copenhagen, Denmark                                     Amager Bio

11 May Aarhus, Denmark                                               The Train   

12 May Malmo, Sweden                                                 Slagthusets Teater      


07 July Clam, Austria                                                      Clam Rock

08 July Castle Esterhazy, Austria                                  Lovely Days Festival

09 July Budapest, Hungary                                            Budapest Arena co-headline with Jon Anderson (with the Paul Green Rock Academy)

26 July Wunsiedel, Germany                                          Luisenburg

28 July Mosbach, Germany                                            Großer Elzpark

29 July Seebron, Germany                                              Seebron Festival

30 July Burg Herzberg, Germany                                   Burg Herzberg Festival 



16 Sep Rendsburg, Germany                                          Yacht Club 



20 Oct  Brunnen, Switzerland                                          Der Herbst       

21 Oct  Schaffhausen, Switzerland                                Kammgarn     

22 Oct  Augsburg, Germany                                            Spectrum     

26 Oct  Dillingen-Saar, Germany                                     Lokschuppen 

27 Oct  Zweilbrucken, Germany                                      Festhalle 

28 Oct  Wegberg, Germany                                              Forum Wegberg 

29 Oct  Ingelhein am Rhein, Germany                            kING-Kultur-und Kongresshalle   



 16 Nov Bochum, Germany                                              Zecke

18 Nov  Magdeburg, Germany                                        AMO

19 Nov  Berlin, Germany                                                  Admiralplast




19 Jan  Dresden, Germany                                              Alter Schlachthof

20 Jan  Leipzig, Germany                                                Hans Auensee

21 Jan  Ilsenburg, Germany                                            Harzlandhalle



26 Feb  Stockholm, Sweden                                            Cirkus

28 Feb  Rodovre, Denmark                                               Viften

29 Feb  Fredericia, Denmark                                            Ekcerserhuset 



01 Mar Skive, Denmark                                                     Skive Theater

26 Mar Aschaffenburg, Germany                                     Colos-Saal

27 Mar Nurnburg, Germany                                              Hirsch 

28 Mar Lindau, Germany                                                   Inselhalle