Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Discography (The DVD's)
These pages contain the complete discography for Manfred Mann's Earth Band from their formation in 1971 to the present day. The discography is as complete as we can make it - if you have any additions or suggestions please contact the Webmaster.
The discography is based on the primary UK DVD release

Record Label  Number        Release Date  Title

Cohesion             MANNDVD1    2004                    Angel Station In Moscow
Cohesion             MANNDVD2    2006                    Unearthed - The Best of 1973 - 2005
Cohesion             MANNDVD3    2007                    Budapest Live
Cohesion             MANNDVD4    2008                    Watch The DVD
Cohesion             MANNDVD5    2009                    Then & Now